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DMG MORI Technology Excellence

TULIP APPs for Medical

Manufacturers of medical devices have to deal with short product cycles, high production volumes and compliance requirements. A continuous transparency of the supply chain, timely production and traceability in case of errors must be guaranteed.

Challenges in the medical industry

Existing systems are rigid and lack visibility due to isolated data. The systems are largely paper-based and prevent process visibility to improve quality.

Optimal monitoring of the machine park

Audit logs and digital approval processes guarantee 100% traceability of the processes. Manage roles and authorizations to protect your data. Create with TULIP digital history records for compliance with batch records, device records or device logs.

Complete transparency and traceability

TULIP enables process visibility by obtaining real-time data. Quality documentation is used for traceability and reduction of quality costs.

Authenticate with a tap on the wrist

Integrate biometric wristbands for secure, seamless login and electronic signatures for easy traceability.

Use interactive APPs with IoT connection

With TULIP APPs you can simplify instructions for complex processes, bring quality in line with requirements and optimally comply with legal regulations.

With the TULIP APPs we have achieved a unique depth of transparency within our dental process chain within a very short time, visualizing the position and status of each individual workpiece in real time.

Alexander Mack, Managing Partner, CNC-Technik Mack GmbH & Co. KG