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DMG MORI Technology Excellence

TULIP APPs for Electronics

Short product lifecycles require the fast and short-term learning of new processes. Paper-based and text-intensive work requirements make this difficult and do not provide real-time data on the quality of assembly processes.

Challenges in the electronics industry

Complex assemblies and short product life cycles are one of the biggest challenges for electronics manufacturers. Quality in assembly processes can be difficult to track and the training of new processes or employees takes a long time.

No code simplifies work instructions

Consistent quality, despite highly complex assemblies due to media-rich work instructions. TULIP APPs support faster and errorfree assembly and make paper-based instructions superfluous.

Effective employee training and reduction of training costs

TULIP helps to qualify new operators faster, reduces training costs and makes it easier to reallocate staff to where they are needed.

Track performance and quality in real-time

Real-time performance monitoring can be used to detect and optimize KPIs such as cycle or step times, but also error rates.