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DMG MORI Technology Excellence

TULIP APPs for Automotive

Smart automobiles require smart manufacturing processes.

Challenges in the automotive industry

Consumer demand for made-to-order production is complicating production workflows. Product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, which means that automotive manufacturers are expected to produce increasingly more in less time.

Interactive work instructions for high-mix assemblies

Guide your workers through highly complex assemblies with digital work instructions. This not only improves the quality and efficiency of your employees, but also allows you to identify sources of error early on.

Integration of IoT devices

Integrate images, video, PDF documents or component drawings as wellas IoT devices and logic to provide employees with exactly the information they need to perform processes quickly and accurately.

Extensive templates for quality APPs

Using digital forms, quality data from operators and machines can be captured in real time to provide manufacturing engineers with root cause visibility and process optimization.

Make better decisions through digital data

The web-based platform allows you to monitor your manufacturing processes and operations from anywhere. This is exactly what leads to the detection of bottlenecks or sources of error, allowing you to react faster than before with appropriate measures.