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DMG MORI Technology Excellence

TULIP APPs for Assembly

Digitize step-by-step the work instructions in your production. This allows you to guide your employees systematically through assembly and other manual production steps to reduce sources of error and increase productivity.

Challenges in the assembly

Highly complex and diverse assemblies require precise work instructions to prevent human error. Often currently used, text-heavy paper-based work instructions tend to lead to errors, hurting your employees' productivity.

Interactive work instructions with TULIP APPs

With TULIP you can quickly and easily create intuitive and fully customizable work instructions that guide your employees step-by-step through the manufacturing processes. In this way you reduce errors before they occur.

Easy to create and customize

With comprehensive templates and the visual APP editor, you can create interactive work instructions for assembly processes, quality inspections or machine setups without any programming knowledge.

Complete integration

Integrate images, video, PDF documents or component drawings as well as IoT devices and logic to provide employees with exactly the information they need to perform processes quickly and accurately.

Optimal monitoring of your machine park

Audit logs and digital approval processes guarantee 100% traceability of the processes. Manage roles and authorizations to protect your data. Use digital history records for compliance with batch records, device records or device logs.