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On Machine Dashboards

Create tailor-built, real-time dashboards that show an overview of current status, status history, and performance metrics — right at the machine or via mobile tablets. Quickly identify underperforming machines and process bottlenecks.

Visualize your machine data

Visualize your machine data and create machine utilization analyses. Create simple and intuitive charts to visually monitor machines.

Comprehensive production knowledge through real-time data

Gain a holistic view of your operation by displaying real-time data from multiple machines visually on a map of your machine park. View real-time and historical data side by side.

Optimal monitoring of your machine park

Define goals to be achieved and assign them to custom machines. 

Complete integration

Establish a native connection with network-based protocols like OPC UA and other devices. Connect your APPs, processes and machines to see exactly what's happening on your shop floor.

Freely configurable - easily adaptable to your processes

  • Automatically send SMS and email notifications to trigger alerts
  • Manage user permissions so that correct content can be accessed
  • Leave comments and notes for your team members