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Teachware products

Machine Setup and User Guidance

Error-proof machine setup and use with dynamic and media-rich work instructions apps that guide operators through tasks — right at the machine. Reduce common errors and decrease the time it takes to complete complex activities such as machine changeovers and routine maintenance.

Training and Education

Interactive work instructions with TULIP APPs

With TULIP you can quickly and easily create intuitive and customizable work instructions that guide your employees step-by-step through machine-realted tasks, right at the machine. Reduce errors before they occur.

Training and Education

Extensive templates for machine guidance APPs

With more than 70 comprehensive APP templates and the visual APP Editor, you can create interactive work instructions for machine setup, machine maintenance, or machine changeover without any programming knowledge.

Training and Education

Create connected, media-rich APPs

Integrate images, video, PDF documents, or component drawings as well as IoT devices and logic to provide employees with exactly the information they need to perform machine-related tasks quickly and accurately.

Training and Education

Freely configurable - easily adaptable to your processes

  • Automatically send SMS and email notifications to trigger alerts
  • Manage user permissions so that correct content can be accessed
  • Leave comments and notes for your team members

TULIP shows me step by step what to do. It is impossible to make a mistake.

Geno, Final QA Operator, Dentsply