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Machine Operator Reporting

Augment machine data with operational data for a holistic view on your production performance. Collect input from machine operators consistently and seamlessly.

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Create standardized prompts for collecting machine information

Enable your shopfloor operators to collect information useful for detecting errors, quality defects, maintenance issues more easily and earlier in the production process. Record information such as downtime reasons, quality reports, maintenance notes, and more. 

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Review and address all issues systematically

Build APPs to centralize and review record information by type and then create assigned, follow-up steps to mitigating issues.

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Remove communication barriers

Allow operators to add notes and communicate more effectively across operations and across shifts. Allow users to capture and record issues with descriptions and photos. Set up in-app alerts to automatically send SMS and email notifications. 

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Extensive templates for machine performance APPs

With more than 70 comprehensive APP templates and the visual APP Editor, you can create apps that feature standardized data collection for machine performance monitoring, documenting issues without any programming knowledge.

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Freely configurable - easily adaptable to your processes

  • Automatically send SMS and email notifications to trigger alerts
  • Manage user permissions so that correct content can be accessed
  • Easily update data fields