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Teachware products

Training and education

How can you teach digitization? With TULIP, a completely new software and hardware platform that is ideal to use for training purposes. This means that conventional operating and work instructions can be quickly and easily replaced by interactive APPs. Man and machine can communicate and training sequences are able to be made more independent, safe and efficient.

Training and Education

TULIP as a tool for digital education

Choose between different training packages with extensive training options. With a duration of 12 months, 4.5 training days for teachers and instructors are already included.

Training and Education

Factory Kit as ideal support

The Factory Kit makes it possible to digitally guide and monitor assembly processes. In addition, other optional I/O devices, such as measuring equipment, are available.

Training and Education

Keep it simple

  • Digital training: APP-based manufacturing and assembly instructions
  • Improved learning effect: Interactive training process with machine feedback
  • No-code: Easy creation of full functional APPs without programming knowledge
Training and Education

Raising awareness among future leaders

Evaluations of assembly progress can be easily displayed visually and sensitize future managers to take key figures into account at an early stage. Thanks to the no-code programming, pupils and students can quickly and independently create APPs and achieve the first feeling of success.

Training and Education

Individual configuration – easily adaptable to your processes

  • Human-centric: User-friendly APPs to increase productivity

  • APP templates: Create new APPs or use easily modifiable templates

  • Reports: Available in real time

TULIP from DMG MORI enables us to get started quickly and easily with the digitization of educational content.

Alexander Alves, Max-Eyth-Schule Kassel