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Quality and defect checklists

Increase the quality of your shopfloor processes by preventing errors and systematically recording quality data digitally. Interfaces to existing IT systems allow you to easily transfer the recorded data to other software systems and implement continuous improvement of your manufacturing processes.

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Simply create digital quality checklists by yourself

Support your shopfloor operators in detecting errors and quality defects more easily and earlier in the production process. So you can detect or reduce rejects earlier in the process.

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Interactive APPs for quality improvements

Integrate IoT sensors and tools to automatically collect quality data and reduce sources of error. TULIP therefor supports a wide range of sensors and IoT devices.

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Extensive templates for quality APPs

Comprehensive templates based on best practices are available for inline quality checks, root cause analysis and visual quality checks.

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Systematic recording of the reasons for rework and rejects

Make it easy for your operators to report back rework and rejects with just a few clicks. The data collected in this way gives you an overview of common causes of errors and enables you to initiate continuous process improvement.

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Freely configurable - easily adaptable to your processes

  • Automatically send SMS and email notifications to trigger alerts
  • Manage user permissions so that correct content can be accessed
  • Leave comments and notes for your team members

After only four weeks we have seen a 20% increase in productivity and a 10% reduction in the error rate.

Reinhard Musch, Managing Director DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH