Tool sort cycle


  • With ULTRASONIC 2nd Generation and 32.000 rpm for micro drilling with highest process safety 
  • Fully integrated regulation of the drilling force in the preset- spindle down to smaller 1 N – independent from the z-axis of the machine 
  • ICS with seperate fine filtration and flow rate control starting from 1 l/min 
  • Automatic ejector mechanism for drill cores from the diamond hollow drills

Customer Benefits

  • Drilling diameter from 0.1 mm – 2.0 mm
  • Several thousand holes per part possible without manual interaction
  • Applicable for diamond hollow drills and spiral drills
User Interface
Fully integrated into the display in the CELOS SideScreen
User Interface
Precise regulation of the drilling force incl. Control cycle up to smaller 1 N

Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles: ULTRASONIC microDRILL

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