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Mini Fastnet - 600 nautical miles full of challenges

Our Sailing Academy skippers showed patience and tactical sailing in the Mini Fastnet 2023 sailing race, which kicked off on June 11 for 85 boats in one of the oldest and most prestigious races in the Classe Mini.

The course of 600 nautical miles (over 1,100km) took Laure Galley and Federico Sampei from Douarnenez in France to the famous "Fastnet Rock" off the coast of Ireland and back. In the two-handed sailed regatta, the two Academy trainees competed with a co-skipper each. Laure sailed with Mathis Bourgnon, Federico with Lucas Rosetti. The starting signal was given on June 11. The sailors knew from the start that it would be a long and difficult regatta - a weak wind forecast and unstable weather conditions awaited them. This is a special challenge for the Mini class, as the skippers have no information about the weather forecast during the race.

The highlight of the race was the rounding of "Fastnet Rock", considered one of the most iconic sailing landmarks in Europe. Patience was required during the regatta as the wind remained light. Dealing with the tides properly was also crucial to avoid being blown off course in low winds and strong currents. After 6 days and more than 16 hours at sea, both teams reached the finish line with outstanding placements. Federico Sampei finished third in the proto ranking and Laure Galley fifth. In total, 30 prototype boats were among the 85 participating boats.

Proto Ranking:

  • 3rd - 1046 DMG MORI | Federico Sampei & Lucas Rosetti | Race time: 6d, 16hrs, 31min, 25sec
  • 5th - 1048 DMG MORI | Laure Galley & Mathis Bourgnon | Race time: 6d, 16hrs, 57min, 50sec

On July 22, it's back to business for Laure and Federico as they have both successfully qualified for the PURU TRANSGASCOGNE. The race will be the last important test run for the big highlight of the sailing year in the Classe Mini: the Mini Transat. This important Atlantic crossing from France to Guadeloupe via the Canary Islands is a milestone for our Skipper Trainees. It is the race they have worked so hard for over the last 1.5 years and an award for any junior offshore sailor.