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LASERTEC PrecisionTool

LASERTEC PrecisionTool Series

Laser processing of high-end precision tools

  • Up to 210% faster and up to 56% lower cost per part compared to erosion machining
  • Laser finishing of PCD, PCBN, CVD, MCD up to 3.0 mm/min.
  • Complete machining incl. clearance angle, chip breakers
  • Flexible automation systems for maximum productivity
Technical Data
Max. X-axis stroke
500 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
500 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
700 mm
Control & Software
  • ERGOline 21.5" Multi Touch Panel with CELOS and SIEMENS SIMUNERIK 840 D sl
  • Established software features - the easiest switch from eroding to laser processing!
Max. X-axis stroke
Max. Y-axis stroke
Max. Z-axis stroke

LASERTEC  series

LASERTEC unlocks new economic opportunities for laser precision machining in varios branches and application fields.

Laser machining of precision tools

Where conventional machining processes, such as grinding and eroding with high process forces as well as negative thermal reactions in diamond cutting materials, have already been pushed to their limits – innovative laser technology can unlock new machining possibilities