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LASERTEC 130 PowerDrill

LASERTEC 100 PowerDrill

The benchmark for laser drilling of large turbine components

Max. X-axis stroke
1,600 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
1,000 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
1,000 mm
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Laser precision machine for all demanding 5-axis drilling operations up to 1,100 mm component diameter with a maximum height of 1,500 mm

  • New traveling column concept for constant rigidity and increased positioning accuracy P10 (DIN ISO 2230-2) in the entire work area
  • Larger work area
    X = 1000 Y = 1000 Z = 1000 (LASERTEC 100 PowerDrill)
    X = 1600 Y = 1000 Z = 1000 (LASERTEC 160 PowerDrill)
  • High dynamics through linear drives for X / Y 80 m / min; 7 m / s² as well as an optimized cooling concept with water-cooled motors, linear guides and ball screw drive

State-of-the-art components for the best performance

  • Application-specific axis configurations for maximum flexibility through various laser head kinematics (optional B-axis head ± 150 °) and table variants (B- / C-axis)
  • e.g. variable collimation, breakthrough detection, capacitive distance sensors, conoscopic sensor, optional tool changer etc.
  • Available with high precision 12-23 kW QCW-fibre laser

Available as a machine version PowerDrill for pure laser drilling or version PowerShape (from Q1/2023) for machining of shaped hole geometries with conical exit funnels

  • Complete series with Siemens 840D solutionline and special LASERSOFT PowerDrill / PowerShape software packages

Technology leader in 5-axis precision laser drilling of cooling air holes for aerospace and IGT

  • Contact-free machining without need of electrodes and without tool wear
  • Highest repeatability and reproducability
  • Different laser sources for varios applications
  • High-speed shutter enables Synchro-Drill (synchronised laser drilling with
    a rotating component)
  • PatternDrilling: Laser drilling of segments or single rows
Laser Drilling with LASERTEC PowerDrill Series by DMG MORI

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Work Area
Max. X-axis stroke
1,600 mm
Max. Y-axis stroke
1,000 mm
Max. Z-axis stroke
1,000 mm