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Simplify Manufacturing with up2parts

Create calculations & quotations in seconds, increase efficiency and reduce costs:
Increase the competitiveness of your manufacturing business with up2parts

  • up2parts calculation - Calculate up to 80% faster and create a quotation with just two clicks.
  • up2parts cloud basic - Digitally map your manufacturing business with unlimited storage space

The vision

A common vision and a common goal

The partnership between DMG MORI and up2parts is about the development of self-learning and artificial intelligence-based digitalisation solutions. In doing so, DMG MORI and up2parts pursue very similar strategies that complement each other perfectly. The aim is to increase competitiveness for SMEs through a digital and efficiency-optimised process chain.

Together with our development partners, we are pursuing a mission:
To rethink manufacturing processes and pave the way to digital production for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with AI-based innovations. For us, this is more than just a business. It is our passion.

Because up2parts has a vision:
The end-to-end digital and efficiency-optimised process chain in manufacturing.



up2parts calculation
up2parts cloud basic
Prices & Free Trail Version

Three steps to the offer:

  1. Upload CAD model
  2. Automatic component analysis within seconds:
    incl. work plan proposal and price calculation
  3. Complete quotation at the push of a button:
    ready for dispatch including customer address

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Work plan & calculation proposal in just 5 seconds
  • Only 2 clicks to a quotation
  • Preserve company-specific know-how in the software

Identify similar components with just a few clicks:

  1. Upload CAD model
  2. Find similar parts
  3. Transfer work plans directly

Your advantages at a glance:

up2parts cloud basic
  • Find historical data records immediately and
  • simply transfer them for new orders
  • Unlimited storage capacity

up2parts CLOUD BASIC - Free of charge up to 20 users*

up2parts CALCULATION - 30 days free of charge, afterwards 179 Euro / user / month (up to 20 users*)

Permanently included & unlimited : 

  • Free support
  • Updates permanently included
  • Unlimited storage capacity

* from 21 users on request

The up2parts AI

AI-based software - the "up2parts" principle

The algorithm is at the heart of up2parts. It combines component information from 3D models with existing processes and manufacturing know-how along the entire production process. The AI-based software continuously trains your individual artificial intelligence, which is perfectly matched to the manufacturing portfolio of your company. This is how up2parts gets the optimum out of your manufacturing processes.

The up2parts AI
  1. Shell of intelligence
    - Describes HOW on the component
    - Quickly becomes more intelligent through teaching
    - Retains your technical and process knowledge
    - Becomes your in-house intelligence
  2. Core of intelligence
    - Describes the WHAT of the component
    - Is constantly improved by up2parts as the initial intelligence
    - Based on feature recognition developed in-house

Data security

Data security comes first

up2parts data security

Cloud solutions are the basis for innovative technologies of the present and the future. Data security plays a decisive role for us. Hardware failures, data loss, bottlenecks in storage capacity, tedious maintenance and lengthy updates - all yesterday's problems. With the modern and secure cloud solution from up2parts, the current status of our developments is available to you at all times. In addition, the storage capacity is unlimited and your data is optimally protected as well as securely accessible at all times.


What our customers say

Florian Sailer

Thanks to up2parts' AI-based calculation, we were able to reduce the time needed to prepare quotations by 80%. Ideal for a contract manufacturer with daily changing orders and customers.

Andreas Kanz, Managing Director, JUCOWA Metallbearbeitung GmbH

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