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Start your free TULIP trial for CELOS X now. The trial version includes TULIP Guide Apps, which ensure optimal use of the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles and calibration processes through guided workflows, as well as TULIP apps for shift management, which simplify daily tasks around the machine and make them more efficient thanks to documentation and organization functions. With TULIP Apps and CELOS X, you can easily get started with the paperless and connected production.

Your benefits with TULIP apps in CELOS X:

  • Improved component quality
  • Optimized machine efficiency
  • Long-term process improvements
  • Fast and easy documentation of process- and machine incidents
  • Direct upload of associated sketches and photos


The TULIP apps support you in the optimized operation of your machine through guided workflows - exclusively for use on the user interface of the CELOS X platform for your DMG MORI machine.


Guided workflows on the CELOS X user interface of DMG MORI machines

Use the preconfigured TULIP Guide Apps for the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles. The TULIP Guide Apps are only available for CELOS X, simplify the operation of the machine and enable an error-free use of technology cycles through the simple copy and paste feature. This increases your productivity and the expertise of your employees.

Added Value: 

  • Faster set-up with greater accuracy and a reduction in errors 

  • Fast and efficient operation thanks to guided workflows 

  • Intuitive interface specialized for your CELOS X machine control system 

  • Increased process reliability thanks to cycle input using the copy & paste feature 

Highlight apps* in your free trial:

  • TULIP Guide App: 3D quickSET
  • TULIP Guide App: VCS Complete
  • TULIP Guide App: Touchprobe Calibration

* Depending on machine type and control system

TULIP Guide App: 3D quickSET

The TULIP Guide App guides the operator through the 3D quickSET technology cycle on the machine. The copy and paste feature prevents manual input errors, while enabling the technology cycle to be carried out efficiently to recalibrate the machine for high-precision machining jobs.

Component, task and logbook documentation on the machine

Data acquisition is the first step towards process optimization. Use the TULIP apps in CELOS X for simplified digital documentation and organization of your workflows to document process-specific content such as component clamping, logbook entries or shift handover notes in parallel to machine operation on the CELOS X split screen.

Added Value: 

  • Fast, process-specific documentation on the split screen during machine operation in the NC control system 

  • Incident details through photo uploads Efficient shift handovers 

  • Efficient shift handovers

Highlight apps* in your free trial:

  • TULIP app: Shift Notes
  • TULIP app: Kanban Board
  • TULIP app: Sketcher

*Depending on machine type and control system

TULIP app: Kanban Board

The TULIP Kanban app gives you a quick and intuitive overview of your daily tasks - directly and digitally on the control panel.


Activate your free TULIP trial version for CELOS X now

k4_TULIP-Screens_iMac_Macbook_iPad_iPhone_CELOSWeiss.tif_Crop_ Text-Bild 719x449px
  1. Fill out the contact form
    - Enter your company contact details & e-mail address for the TULIP login
    - You will receive a call to verify the activation
    - You will receive an e-mail notification for the registration
  2. Registration of the TULIP account 
    - Login, password assignment and initial setup 
  3. Start the TULIP apps on the DMG MORI control panel with CELOS X 
    - Log in with your registered e-mail address & password 
    - Select name of the display device e.g. "DMU40" and the station e.g. "DMU40"


TULIP apps in CELOS X​ 

If you own a DMG MORI machine with the latest ERGOline X control and the CELOS X platform, you will receive a TULIP app package after activating the TULIP trial version. The app package can be used with CELOS X. The app package includes guide apps for the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles and calibration processes as well as apps for digital documentation and organization.

The apps included in the free trial version cannot be modified. It is not possible to create your own TULIP apps with the free TULIP trial version for CELOS X. Certain TULIP apps are not available for all DMG MORI machines with CELOS X or all control variants.


  • App usage: on DMG MORI machines with CELOS X and 3 mobile devices per machine 

  • Trial length: 1 year after activation

  • Upgrading to TULIP full version (Essentials or Professional) is possible

  • Request for machine monitoring possible at any time (e.g. display OEE calculations and machine status in TULIP apps) 


  • Network connection for your DMG MORI machine with CELOS X 

  • Registered TULIP account  

  • E-mail address for your TULIP login 

TULIP trial version for CELOS X & TULIP full version

TULIP trial version for CELOS X
TULIP full version

TULIP trial version for CELOS X

k4_TULIP-Screens_iMac_Macbook_iPad_iPhone_CELOSWeiss.tif_Crop_ Text-Bild 719x449px


  • Predefined TULIP apps - exclusively for the optimized operation of DMG MORI machines with CELOS X (the apps cannot be modified)


  • Machine with CELOS X & mobile device for photo upload 


  • Use ready-made TULIP apps, e.g. TULIP Guide Apps for the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles 

TULIP full version 

k4_CELOS_CCP AG_B01_MILLING_TULIP-Screen.tif_Crop_ Text-Bild 719x449px


  • Modifiable apps and templates 

  • Templates for machine monitoring


  • Machine, PC, tablets, cell phones, TV screens 


  • Use and edit templates 

  • Create your own apps