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Integrated solutions for optimization of digital service processes.

  • my DMG MORI – Customer Portal: for consistent service optimization
  • WERKBLiQ: Maintenance and repair for the entire shopfloor
  • NETservice: direct remote communication with the DMG MORI service


my DMG MORI Customer Portal – Your online service manager

The customer portal my DMG MORI is the digital solution for optimizing all service processes. Easy, quick and free for all DMG MORI customers.

Visiting, you can request your personal access. After successful login, all of your DMG MORI machines are clearly arranged at the home page.



  • No queue: simple online problem description
  • Pre-completed service inquiries:​​​​​​​ send machine details, photos or videos
  • Comprehensive processing: the "right” service expert processes the inquiry with priority


  • Complete machine history: all machine events can be called up in a structured way
  • All documents are digital: library for technical and commercial documents available
  • Real-time view of processing status: more transparency for service and spare part inquiries


  • Free access 24 / 7: from everywhere and at any time
  • On every device: computer, smartphone or via CELOS
  • Your portal, Your rules: the customer determines what he sees

Service & maintenance for a heterogeneous machine park

With an easy upgrade from my DMG MORI to WERKBLiQ, you can benefit from all advantages of the customer portal at once for all machines. WERKBLiQ is your solutions for service and maintenance of the whole shopfloor.


  • 100 % control & optimization of service and maintenance processes
  • Complete transfer of all information from my DMG MORI into WERBKLiQ
  • An integrated solution for the entire shopfloor


Intelligent maintenance and service management

As a DMG MORI Group company, the cross-manufacturer maintenance platform WERKBLiQ connects everyone involved in the service and maintenance process, thus increasing machine availability and allowing you to manage service resources more efficiently.


  • Increases process speeds
  • Individualisation and location-independent access
  • Ensures best-possible level of machine availability
  • Easy to commission service technicians
  • Complete documentation for all machines
  • Optimisation of planning for resources, deadlines and routes
For machine operators
For service partners
For manufacturers

For machine operators


  • Secure and complete documentation of the digital machine log
  • Fast commissioning of technicians directly from the machine
  • Increase in machine availability thanks to compliance with maintenance

For service partners


  • On-site documentation of all services on the mobile app
  • Fast order generation and processing
  • Creation of service reports and invoices in just a few clicks
  • Optimisation of resources, as well as operational planning and route planning

For manufacturers


  • Digital machine file including service logs on an open platform
  • Improvement management of in-house and external service technicians
  • Modern CRM system for optimised customer management
  • Exchange of specialist knowledge

Our highlights for your company

Internal order
Library & reports


A logbook without secrets 

Every disruption, repair or alteration is digitally documented and archived. The chronologically maintained entries can be updated in real time and viewed by all authorized employees.

  • Data acquisition by machine worker
  • User-friendly input mask
  • Individual configuration of your tiles: adapt texts and icons
  • Simple documentation of complex activities

Internal order

Efficient management of the internal service team

The vision to report incidents or irregularities directly to internal maintenance becomes reality with WERKBLiQ. The maintenance colleagues receive the concerns from production only via one channel and prioritize, schedule, finish and document them with just a few clicks.

  • Ticket system for your internal maintenance
  • Send orders directly from the machine
  • Automatic transmission of machine data
  • Planning of emergency services and insight into the order status


Maintaining has never been so easy

Calendar overviews with clever filter functions ensure a perfect overview. Color scheme makes overdue maintenance directly visible. In addition to the automatic reminders you decide when and how to maintain - regardless of whether according to manufacturer specifications or own experience.

  • Calendar overview of all maintenance events
  • Schedule maintenance intervals according to times or parameters
  • Automatic creation of recurring maintenance orders
  • Deposit of simple checklists for secure processing

Library & reports

Finding instead of searching

In your personal, structured and paperless storage you have all relevant documents such as manuals, reports and much more in a central place. With the help of intelligent search and filter functions, you can find the documents you need in no time at all.

  • Structured, paperless storage of all documents
  • No limit thanks to cloud databases
  • Percentage display of service status
  • Complete service reports directly at the customer


All KPIs in view

In the WERKBLiQ analyses complex key figures from different sources come together and are structured in clear dashboards for you. One look is enough to get an impression of the relevant KPIs.

  • Detailed analysis of KPIs
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Make better decisions
  • Recognize and implement optimization potential sooner


Direct remote communication

The NETservice especially has been developed to meet high requirements of customers in the machine tool industry and provides direct remote communication with the DMG MORI service. The main advantages are, in particular, the multi-user conference, maximum data security and optional plug-and-play connection of the SERVICEcamera of DMG MORI.



Reduce machine downtime on a remote basis

  • Operators, hotliners, service technicians and experts work together and communicate thanks to the multi-user conference
  • Transparency ensured by logging all service activities
  • Direct installation of document updates possible
  • Optional connection to the SERVICEcamera

​​​​​​​Prerequisite: DMG MORI Connectivity


Remote service visual support 

  • Livestream from the machine directly to the DMG MORI hotliner for higher resolution rates
  • Plug-and-play connection without pre-configuration between the SERVICEcamera and NETservice by means of DMG MORI Connectivity​​​​​​​
  • Fast and secure 5G Wi-Fi transfer
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Integrated lighting and laser pointer


CELOS Service APPs provide you with targeted troubleshooting support and intelligent machine maintenance.


DMG MORI NETservice: The new benchmark for remote services in the machine tool industry
WERKBLiQ - The new intelligence for machine maintenance


An overview of Integrated Digitization

Find out more about DMG MORI products and solutions for ongoing digitization– from the planning and preparation stages right through to manufacturing, monitoring and service.