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Multi Threading / Multi Threading Pro

Multi threading 2.0

Multi-threading 2.0


  • NEW: On-Point Threading - Position oriented thread production
  • Free definition of contours, pitches and gears possible
  • Creation of large transmission threads, which can not be manufactured by simple thread chasing

Customer Benefits

  • Trapezoidal, buttress and knuckle thread easily programmable at the machine
  • Screw conveyor with any profile geometry
  • Ball screw nut with cross holes simple to realize
Multi-threading 2.0
Parameters for thread shape, e.g. profile height, pitch diameter etc.

Multi threading 2.0 Pro


  • Producing profiles with undercut due to the profile splitting option.
  • Applying standard tools and tool holder for left and right sided machining of the flanks
  • Surface quality of Ra 0,3 an CrNi-Alloys possible

Machine types