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All networking machines at a glance.

  • Messenger – Detect downtimes
  • Performance Monitor – Analyze downtimes
  • Condition Analyzer – Avoid downtimes


The entire production at a glance

DMG MORI Monitoring records the condition of networked machines, provides information on the current production status and analyzes machine sensor data to avoid machine downtimes. This digital transparency increases your planning reliability and productivity and also provides a great starting point for digitization.



  • Machine conditions at a glance
  • For all machines and devices that have been networked using DMG MORI Connectivity
  • Individually configurable dashboards
  • Automatically generated one-page reports
  • Analysis of main and idle times


CELOS Monitoring Apps Picture - STATUS MONITOR

Machine and order status at a glance 

  • Order information with number of units, batch size and remaining time
  • Display of the spindle load and vibration, as well as axle loads and positions
  • Settings information for current individual component processing



CELOS Monitoring Apps Picture - MESSENGER

Live status of all machines 

  • Display of machine type and machine status using a signal light
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Job progress and remaining time for the current component
  • Web-based & version for mobile devices
  • Data evaluation and reports including process report, loading, workpiece counters, override, cycle times, alarms 


CELOS Monitoring Apps Picture - CONDITION ANALYZER

Analysis of machine sensor data 

  • Prevention of machine downtimes thanks to component-based analyses of the machine status
  • Preventive maintenance thanks to analysis of power, vibration, temperature and lubrication
  • Improvement of the workpiece quality thanks to analysis and optimisation of NC processes
  • Available on all CELOS control panels, as well as on PC, tablet and smartphone



Machine availability & efficiency 

  • Analysis & visualisation of system efficiency
  • Optimisation of the effective production time
  • Detailed analysis of interruptions in the production process by means of identification and feedback of downtimes directly on the machine with CELOS
  • Available on the machine and on PC, tablet and smartphone


CELOS Monitoring Apps Picture - PRODUCTION COCKPIT

Information that is relevant to production at a glance

  • Real-time capture and visualisation of machine and process data
  • Individually configurable user view of all information relevant to production
  • Visualises live data from MESSENGER and information from DMG MORI PLANNING


Connectivity free as standard in all DMG MORI machines

DMG MORI Connectivity offers secure networking of DMG MORI and selected 3rd party machines. All international, well-established protocols, such as MQTT, MTconnect and OPC UA as well as the new “umati” language are supported. DMG MORI Connectivity also enables easy machine data acquisition via MDE interface and the connection to all significant IoT platforms, e.g. ADAMOS, MindSphere, FIELD system. DMG MORI Connectivity ensures optimum integration of the machine into the production process.

Package Highlights

Messenger Cloud*

  • Real-time machine monitoring and history analysis platform
  • Convenient web access from smartphones and tablets
  • Instant notification of alarms or machine down


  • Remote diagnosis by DMG MORI service experts through machine control
  • Immediate and direct support minimizing machine downtime and service costs
  • Added security through encrypted connection

Connectivity as Standard

  • Seamless transition into shopfloor digitization
  • Unified data interface for all control types from DMG MORI
  • Industry standard protocols for data acquisition (MTConnect, OPC-UA, MQTT)

*Messenger Cloud (GE) license is not transferrable to On-premise (LE) license. Messenger On-premise license is available as a separate option.


More sensors. Increased transparency. Improved availability.

With the I4.0 packages by DMG MORI, you will increase the intelligence of your machine, increase productivity and availability and thus profit from the opportunities provided by monitoring.

Sensor Package I4.0
Maintenance Package I4.0
The perfect team: Condition Analyzer

Sensor Package I4.0

Power trio for process monitoring, optimisation & analysis 

The Sensor Package I4.0 contains three sensors for monitoring, analysing and optimising machine processes.

  • MPC (Machine Protection Control) 
    Preventive protection thanks to imbalance identification, bearing diagnosis and vibration monitoring
  • SGS (Spindle Growth Sensor)
    Identification of and compensation for spindle displacement

  • IKZ flow controller
    Volumetric flow monitoring to ensure the required cooling capacity is achieved

Maintenance Package I4.0 

Process stability. Process quality. Energy efficiency.

The Maintenance Package I4.0 contains three preventive maintenance components and ensures optimum tool clamping force, automatic lubrication and minimal wear.  

  • powerCHECK – process stability
    Automatic detection of the tool clamping force with defined measurement cycles
  • lubriTOOL – process quality
    Automatic lubrication tool with a cycle that can be adjusted individually
  • Pneumatik-Monitoring – energy-efficient
    System for the detection of leaks and for monitoring the pneumatics 

The perfect team: Condition Analyzer


Highest level of productivity & availability 

The CONDITION ANALYZER makes the perfect addition to your I 4.0 packages, as it analyses the additional information and provides a clear visualisation of the data.

With the information from the SENSOR PACKAGE I 4.0 and MAINTENANCE PACKAGE I 4.0, machine-side performance and status analyses can be carried out and qualified forecasts regarding possible errors can also be provided.


„At DECKEL MAHO Seebach, we want to use DMG MORI’s own products and services in the field of digitization throughout and equip our plant accordingly.

In particular, the current status of the machines is important in order to be able to react quickly if necessary. The DMG MORI Monitoring allows a continuous digital analysis of my production process.

They give me information on the current production status, analyse and visualise machine sensor data and enable early detection of any machine malfunctions.“

Christian Hoessel, Manager Digital Projects DECKEL MAHO Seebach


CELOS Monitoring APPs allow you to increase your planning reliability and productivity thanks to digital transparency.


Customer reference: Deckel Maho Seebach


An overview of Integrated Digitization

Find out more about DMG MORI products and solutions for ongoing digitization– from the planning and preparation stages right through to manufacturing, monitoring and service.