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CTS - Central Tool Storage

Flexible tool magazine for more than 4,000 tools

  • Modular concept with step-by-step extension possibility by 360 / 240 shapes (ISO 40 / 50 recording)
  • Very small footprint with only 29 m2
  • Integrated tool loading solution for portal tool shuttle or with AMR 2000 tools
  • Highest transport capacity through the tool - shuttle 
  • Transfer of up to 8 tools simultaneously
  • Proven wheel magazine technology with over 1,600 units sold


AMR 2000 Tooling
Portal tool handling
Tool transfer

AMR 2000 Tooling

  • Autonomous transport of up to 24 tools between the CTS (central tool magazine) and the machine
  • Quick installation of the automation system
  • Integration into existing production possible
  • Max. tool dimensions ø 280 / 650 mm
  • Max. tool weight 30 kg
  • transport weight 720 kg (24 × 30 kg)

Portal tool handling

  • Portal tool handling for highest efficiency, transport of up to 80 tools per hour. 
  • Transport of 16 tools (2×8 units) 
  • Fast tool change by means of rotating unit 
  • Max. linear speed: 80 m/min 
  • Tool Loading Station TLS - interface on machine and CTS

Tool transfer

  • To change tools between the shuttle and the machine or on the CTS, the TLS moves upwards in each case.


Central Tool Storage (CTS) automated tool magazine for high flexibility


Technical data

Technical data

Max. Number of tool places

Maximum tool length

Max. Tool weight

Dimensions LxWxH (with 1,440 tools)

Footprint (with 1,440 tools)


More than 4,000

650 mm*

30 kg*

6,500 x 4,450 x 3,300 mm

29 m²