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02/05/2021|World premiere: M1

The new master class for every shop floor

Outstanding milling performance and high rigidity at a competitive price – the new M1 is all about “Designed for your Profit!”

  • DMG MORI quality in the entry-level segment
  • High static and dynamic rigidity as well as perfect damping properties thanks to machine bed in monolithic design
  • Widely spaced roller guideways in all axes for high rigidity in whole range of Y axis travel
  • Perfect machining performance and high surface quality thanks to high rigidity
  • Thermal stability thanks to large heat capacity of the components
  • Fixed & rigid table with size 850 × 650 mm and max. load up to 600 kg assures constant dynamic rigidity regardless the workpiece weight
  • Reliable inlineSpindle – more than 3,000 units installed worldwide
  • Perfectly suited working area (550 x 550 x 510 mm) combined with compact design (footprint < 6 m2)
  • Easy-to-operate and user-friendly control system SIEMENS 828D
  • Digitization with the IoTconnector as a standard feature

 ​​​​​​​With 45 product lines, DMG MORI offers its customers a globally unique variety of machine tools for every metalworking application. Even in this impressive wealth of possibilities, there are always starting points for new developments with significant improvements. This time, the engineers from FAMOT in Poland have discovered an attractive market potential in the entry-level area of simple, 3-axis milling centers. With the M1, DMG MORI enters a new market segment in which it has never been before. The result celebrates its world premiere at the in-house exhibition with digital event in Pfronten. The name: M1! The slogan: “Designed for your Profit!”

2101 Pressemappe Weltpremiere: M1
The M1 offers DMG MORI quality on the entry level.

Nowadays, the biggest challenge for most of the companies is to constantly reduce the production costs in order to stay competitive on the market. DMG MORI has met the customer needs and market requirements with the new M1 machine tool. It fits into every shop floor in the world. From very small companies or start-ups which need a cost-effective solution as well as big production plants which are looking for simple and accurate 3-axis milling machine. The combination of uncompromised DMG MORI quality with an unbeatable price makes the M1 a perfect solution for all 3-axis parts which do not require machining process on more expensive and more technologically advanced milling centers. That what’s “Designed for your Profit” stands for.

Thanks to the unique design based on monolithic machine bed and fixed table the M1 achieves exceptional performance in its class. High static and dynamic rigidity as well as perfect damping properties result in stable machining process. The new M1 assures high surface quality and increased tool life, all that combined with a highly attractive price. The huge thermal capacity of all components makes the M1 less susceptible to thermal deformation. What is more, the inlineSpindle, developed and built by DMG MORI, has already been installed on more than 3,000 machine tools worldwide.

Fully digitized with IoTconnector in standard

With the new M1, DMG MORI offers its customers an easy-to-operate and user-friendly Control SIEMENS 828D. More importantly, NC programs can be easily and quickly transferred, since Siemens 828D and 840D are fully compatible. Like any other DMG MORI machine M1 is equipped with IoTconnector which secures the connectivity at the customer shop floors as well as an access to the digital future. The IoTconnector enables the users to benefit from many various DMG MORI software and digital solutions like NETservice, Service camera or my DMG MORI customer portal.

2101 Pressemappe Weltpremiere: M1
The M1 is a perfect solution for all 3 axis workpieces that do not require machining on expensive and technologically advanced machining centers.

Variants of success

DMG MORI meets different equipment requirements with the three perfectly coordinated variants M1 complete, M1 plus and M1 pro. What the equipment versions have in common is simple, fast and smooth commissioning. After delivery, the machine is ready for operation within just one day. The M1 variants can be configured digitally and ordered directly even more quickly and easily. With the intuitive operating concept, the desired machine configuration can be put together with just a few clicks, regardless of time and location. In addition, customers can communicate directly with DMG MORI technology experts at any time during their online session. In addition, the configurator enables holistic combinations from DMG MORI's technology and solution portfolio. The M1 variants, their additional options and the portfolio of DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) merge into the desired solution in no time at all.

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