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02/05/2021|World premiere: DMF 300|8

Constant milling performance on 3,000 mm traverse path

With the DMF 300|8, DMG MORI sets new standards in the flexible machining of workpieces up to 3,000 mm in length or shorter parts in two separate workspaces.

  • Constant milling performance due to consistent projections
  • Best surfaces and accuracy due to direct drives in the Y- and Z-axis as well as an integrated cooling concept
  • Maximum flexibility in machining thanks to B-axis milling head with ± 120° swivel range
  • Large working area with traverse paths of 3,000 x 800 x 850 mm
  • Maximization of productivity through setup parallel to machining time with optional partition wall in pendulum machining
  • Mill-turn technology for saving machining steps on additional machines
  • High dynamics with rapid traverse rates of up to 50 m/min as standard and
  • and up to 80 m/min with linear drive in the X axis (optional)
2101 Pressemappe Digital Event Weltpremiere: DMF 300|8
Compared to the predecessor DMG MORI was able to increase the working area of the DMF 300|8 by 60 percent.

After DMG MORI catapulted its moving column series into a new era with the DMF 200|8, the world premiere of the larger DMF 300|8 now follows. A 3,300 mm long table offers users maximum flexibility even when machining long workpieces. A new highlight is milling-turning machining, which optionally extends the machine's universality and creates new solutions for customers. The DMF 300|8 benefits from the same innovative machine concept as the DMF 200|8: a constant cantilever ensures consistent milling performance over the entire working area, the newly developed tool change takes place behind the worktable in a process-safe manner, and a holistic cooling concept ensures very high long-term thermal accuracy.

DMF traveling column machines from DMG MORI have always stood for maximum flexibility. Thus, the working area of the machine was also an important point for the latest new development. “We were able to increase the working area of the DMF 300|8 by another 60 percent compared to the previous model,” explains Fabian Suckert, Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Seebach. The innovative tool change of the new machine concept also contributes to this. “This takes place behind the work table – quickly, collision-free and process-safe. This allows the entire clamping area to be used.” In addition, the machine can be equipped with 400 mm long tools – a unique selling point in this machine class.

2101 Pressemappe Digital Event Weltpremiere: DMF 300|8
The constantly cantilevered Y-axis ensures consistent machine rigidity over the entire traverse path.

The option portfolio of the DMF 300|8 also offers users maximum flexibility. The machine can be optionally equipped with an integrated rotary table, with two integrated rotary tables, or with an add-on table as an A axis. This means that there is hardly any limit to the flexibility in terms of work tables. The optional partition wall creates two separate work areas that can be set up independently of each other in parallel with production. With the world premiere of the DMF 300|8, DMG MORI is also presenting another novelty in the DMF series: the modular construction kit is supplemented by an FD rotary table for demanding and efficient milling-turning operations. This is also available for the DMF 200|8 – just like the optional A-axis, which is perfect for machining large shafts, among other things.


2101 Pressemappe Digital Event Weltpremiere: DMF 300|8
Mit einem 3.300 mm langer Tisch bietet die DMF 300|8 Anwendern maximale Flexibilität auch in der Bearbeitung von langen Werkstücken.

Highest precision machining for lowest component tolerances

The stable machine concept of DMG MORI's travelling column machines is naturally also found in the DMF 300|8. The constantly cantilevered Y-axis ensures consistent machine rigidity over the entire traverse path. This means that the maximum spindle power can be called up regardless of any spindle position in the working area, without the machine swinging open. Extensive cooling measures as standard ensure high long-term thermal accuracy with the lowest tolerances, while directly driven ball screws in the Y and Z axes ensure the best surface finishes. In its basic configuration, the DMF 300|8 travels at rapid traverse rates of up to 50 m/min. With the optional linear drive in the X-axis, it reaches up to 80 m/min, ensuring dynamic and highly productive machining at all times. The extensive modular system also includes a wide variety of speedMASTER spindles with the already familiar 36-month warranty, regardless of mileage.

 Automated and digitized

On the control side, the DMF 300|8 is equipped with CELOS and Siemens as standard. Heidenhain is available as an option. Fabian Suckert refers to the future-oriented orientation of the traveling column machine: “Like all machines from DMG MORI, the DMF 300|8 can also be effortlessly integrated into digital infrastructures. In addition, our customers are able to increase their productivity through exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles specially designed for the DMF.” For example, freely swiveling angular heads can be easily programmed using the new angularTOOL technology cycle. “"Long-term competitive production is also made possible by the DMF 300|8 thanks to its interface for automated production.”

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