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01/15/2016|LASERTEC & ULTRASONIC News 01.2016

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES - With unbroken innovation power into the new year

Concerning ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES from DMG MORI, also the new year 2016 will bring unbroken innovative power and progress. 

Along the world premiere of the ULTRASONIC 20 linear in the 2nd Generation, further technical innovations from ULTRASONIC and LASERTEC will be presented at the DMG MORI Open House from 26 - 30 January in Pfronten.

More compact, more powerfull, more universal, reliable: completely revised, the new ULTRASONIC 20 linear of the 2nd Generation convinces with a new functional design and a reduced footprint of 3,5 m² with in parallel improved rigidity, dynamic and various technical optimisations. The world premiere ULTRASONIC 20 linear will be exhibited in the showroom. Along with representative HSC- and ULTRASONIC-machine demos, the new ULTRASONIC App for CELOS will be presented for the first time. It will will visualise the automatic frequency and amplitude regulation incl. the autotracking.

Another highlight of the new ULTRASONIC 20 linear is the optional integration of a high performance C-axis (1.500 rpm) for external and internal cylindrical grinding operations of rotation symmetric workpieces in Advanced Materials with highest precision and productivity. This will be demonstrated on Open House Pfronten with a sealing ring made from SiC.

In the area of the Aerospace Excellence Center we will present a diffusor cage made from Inconel, machined on a DMC 125 with integrated ULTRASONIC technology. Here, the use of ULTRASONIC technology leads to a 2-times longer tool life because of reduced process forces by around 40 %.

Further on we are very pleased to announce that the Grand Opening of our ULTRASONIC headquarter in Stipshausen will take place from the 5th to 7th of July 2016. The total increase of additional 900 m² is mainly realized in production space.

The LASERTEC product line will along the various technological developments in the sector of Additive Manufacturing also present interesting innovations from the technology segments LASERTEC PowerDrill and LASERTEC PrecisionTool. On of these is the LASERTEC 50 PowerDrill, which will be presented in the LASERTEC showroom in Hall M with a complete facelift and a new, 23 kW fibre laser. This alternative to the priveous FLS (lamp-pulsed YAG laser) now allows a powerfull and highly dynamic drilling (incl. percussing, trepanning) also of thick-walled turbine vanes made from Inconel. Another Highlight is the LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool which is now also available with CELOS Panel.