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04/06/2016|Vertical Mate 85

Complex CNC grinding in one setup

With the Vertical Mate 85, TAIYO KOKI offers a vertical grinding machine that is designed specifically for multi-purpose applications.

Vertical Mate 85

Since TAIYO KOKI developed the first vertical grinding machine in 1991, the subsidiary of the DMG MORI Group was able to continually optimize the performance and accuracy of its products and to customize these. A more recent result of this philosophy is the Vertical Mate 85 with its simple and at the same time versatile structure. The vertical CNC grinding machine is designed for multi-purpose applications and enables grinding of inner and outer diameters as well as face grinding in one setup.

With an inner grinding diameter of ø 50 to ø 800 mm, the Vertical Mate 85 is designed for the production of medium and large workpieces up to a height of 600 mm. The grinding results impress with roundness of up to 1 µm and thus also meet the high quality requirements in target industries like the energy sector and mechanical engineering. The measurement of large components in particular is facilitated by the optionally available measuring probe.

On the control side, the Vertical Mate 85 is equipped with the MAPPS IV from DMG MORI as standard. Its graphical representation on the 19” display facilitates programming, while additional functions support operation and maintenance. Also part of the standard is the dialogue programming system GriPS, which simplifies work on the machine with the support of different cycles.

Due to an intelligent production in batches, TAIYO KOKI markets the Vertical Mate 85 at a very attractive price.  This combined with its versatility makes the CNC grinding machine a valuable addition in any complex production.

Technical data

Range of internal grinding diametermmø 50 - ø 800
Max. outer grinding diametermmø 800
Max. grinding depth inner diametermm325 (up to ø 250)
400 (from ø 250, Quill length 250)
485 (from ø 200, Quill length 350)
Grinding length outer diametermm400 (Quill length 250)
500 (Quill length 350)
150 (angular grinding disc 22.5°)
Max. Swingdiameter work spindlemmø 850
Max. Workpiece heightmm600 (incl. fixture)
Max Worktable Loadingkg700
Grinding spindle AdaptorHSK-A100
Wheelspindle speedmin-12.800 - 9.000
Workspindle speed          min-18 - 200
Grinding wheel diametermmø 45 - ø 305

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