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02/26/2018|ULTRASONIC 50

ULTRASONIC high tech for maximum precision

The ULTRASONIC 50 from DMG MORI, which was presented at the Pfronten open house event, is the perfect entry-level solution for getting started in the world of five-axis ULTRASONIC machining.

  • State-of-the-art ULTRASONIC cutting machine based on the DMU 50 3rd Generation
  • Intelligent ULTRASONIC software 
    • Automatic frequency detection and frequency tracking (standard)
    • Possibility of individually optimising machining strategies due to amplitude regulation and automatic feed adjustment (optional)
  • Latest-generation actuator system with amplitudes of up to ≤ 15 µm
  • Can be flexibly configured 
    • ULTRASONIC grinding of ceramic and emulsioned glass
    • ULTRASONIC mill machining of fibre-composite materials with dry aspiration
  • The ideal entry-level machine for ultrasonic-assisted machining of large components with an excellent combination of price and accuracy

With the ULTRASONIC 50, DMG MORI has developed a perfect entry-level machine for ultrasonic-assisted machining of large components which offers discerning users an ideal combination of price and accuracy. In technological terms, DMG MORI didn’t make any cutbacks on the model presented at the in-house exhibition. Based on the DMU 50 3rd Generation, the ULTRASONIC 50 guarantees higher static and dynamic rigidity due to its one-piece machine bed with a low centre of gravity and sturdy design. A latest-generation actuator system and intelligent ULTRASONIC software complete the high-performance entry-level model.

The ULTRASONIC 50 allows 5-axis simultaneous machining with ULTRASONIC technology.

The sturdy design of the ULTRASONIC 50 is an excellent basis for high-accuracy machining of complex workpieces. In conjunction with directly driven ball screw drives, direct path measuring systems and extensive cooling measures, the ULTRASONIC machining centre achieves a level of precision which is unparalleled for this machine segment. Even in its standard version, the model has an integrated NC swivel/rotary table with a swivel range of -35 to +110°, which means it is ideally equipped for five-axis simultaneous machining of sophisticated components with a workpiece weight of up to 300 kg.

High tech for ULTRASONIC machining

The ULTRASONIC 50’s actuator system enables amplitudes of up to ≤ 15 µm. With a specifically integrated ULTRASONIC CELOS APP to visualise and adjust the ULTRASONIC parameters, the machine operator has all the relevant data in their sights at all times. Even in its standard version, the ULTRASONIC 50 is equipped with ULTRASONIC Parameter Detection (UPD) and ULTRASONIC Auto Tuning (UAT) for automatic frequency detection and frequency tracking. Additional optional software features enable optimum exploitation of the ULTRASONIC technological advantages.

The ULTRASONIC 50’s flexible configuration enables both ULTRASONIC grinding of ceramic and emulsioned glass, as well as ULTRASONIC mill machining of fibre-composite materials. A special aspiration system for dry machining was installed for precisely this purpose. Users can therefore choose from a wide range of materials.