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04/20/2015|CIMT 2015, Asian premiere – DMU 80 eVo FD

Top-class complete turning and milling

With the DMU 80 eVo FD DMG MORI presents a universal machining center at the CIMT 2015 that combines milling and turning in a single setup.


The “core competence” of the DMU eVo and DMU eVo linear machines from DMG MORI is the complete machining of sophisticated workpieces – in maximum two setups and with up to 5 axis simultaneously. Complex workpieces can be produced efficiently and in top quality and precision on these universal machining centers. DMG MORI will be presenting the DMU 80 eVo FD for the very first time on the Asian market at the CIMT 2015. Users benefit from additional productivity with this model thanks to its combination of milling and turning in a single setup.

The proven swivel rotary table, an innovative machine concept and optional linear drives are just three of the cornerstones of these highly efficient and extremely versatile DMU eVo machines. Complete machining is, of course, the main focus where economical production is concerned. 5-sided machining via 5-axis positioning and on to simultaneous 5-axis contour machining with angles up to -20° enhance the extensive range of applications of this series to encompass all fields of production.

In other words the DMU eVo machines meet all conceivable factors of productivity – time and money as well as accuracy and flexibility. The latest generation of the series comes in an optimised gantry design. This increases the rigidity and precision of the machines enormously. Compared to classic gantries the individual models also benefit from a smaller footprint despite longer travel ranges and bigger work areas. This small space requirement gains enormously in importance wherever the production space is limited.

DMU 80 eVo FD with integrated milling/turning table
DMG MORI will be presenting the DMU 80 eVo FD as a premiere on the Asian market. Instead of the NC swivel rotary table this machine has an integrated milling/turning table that allows turning operations of up to 900 rpm. Thanks to the possibility of complete milling/turning users can utilise the DMU 80 eVo FD even more flexibly and machine a far greater range of components. Highly complex milled/turned parts, for example, can be machined completely in a single setup. The table loading capacity in this case is maximum 600 kg with a clamping surface of 800 x 700 mm.

Other technical equipment of the DMU 80 eVo FD also benefits from proven technological features: even the standard ball-screw drives accelerate to a 50 m/min rapid traverse, while the dynamic version with linear drives achieves a rapid traverse of 80 m/min. Where the spindle is concerned the machine comes with a 14,000 rpm motor spindle. An optional 18,000-rpm spindle is also available as well as a high-speed 24,000-rpm spindle. The latter guarantees top quality surface finishes.

The DMU 80 eVo FD series is outstanding with its offer of two of the very latest 3D controls, either a Heidenhain iTNC 530 or a Siemens 840D solutionline. The DMG ERGOline Control with its clearly laid out 19“-screen and user-friendly features for optimum operability serves as the basis for the control options.

Highlights – DMU 80 eVo FD

  • Optimized gantry design, high rigidity, good accessibility, low space requirement
  • Integrated milling/turning table that allows turning operations
  • with up to 900 rpm and 600 kg loading capacity
  • 5-sided and up to 5-axes simultaneous machining
  • Dynamic version with linear drives in the X and Y-axis for more power and precision
  • High rapid traverse speeds of up to 80 m/min
  • Powerful motor spindles with 14,000 rpm, 18,000 rpm or 24,000 rpm
  • Tool magazine with 30 pockets and double gripper for fast and reliable tool changes
  • 3D drive technology with DMG ERGOline Control available with
  • Heidenhain iTNC 530 or Siemens 840D solutionline