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02/04/2015|TIMTOS 2015

Innovation Show with two premieres in Taiwan

During TIMTOS 2015 DMG MORI will be presenting six ultra-modern CNC machine tools and intelligent manufacturing solutions for metal cutting

From 3rd to 8th March DMG MORI will show its future-orientated product portfolio at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show 2015. At the largest machine tool exhibition in Taiwan the world-leading machine tool manufacturer will be presenting six machines from its latest product portfolio. DMG MORI will be focussing on CELOS – from the idea to the finished product – and the new machine design. The highlights among the shown machine tools are the CTX beta 800 TC and the DMU 80 FD duoBLOCK, both of them premieres in Taiwan. All machines shown at TIMTOS will be presented in the new DMG MORI design. 

CELOS – from the idea to the finished product


All new high-tech machines from DMG MORI will be provided with CELOS. This new user interface of the control is as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone. On a unique 21.5” multi-touch display CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated and digitised management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. The latest CELOS  version with a total of 16 APPs is available from April 2015 on and includes four new APPs that have been presented for the first time at DECKEL MAHO’s Open House in Pfronten. Also new is the CELOS PC version. It enables users to plan and control their production and machining processes already during work preparation.

CELOS connects the machine with superordinate corporate structures in a unique way and creates the basis for a consistent paperless manufacturing. Additionally, it accelerates the way from the idea to the finished product by direct coupling of ERP / PPS and PDM. With CELOS DMG MORI sets standards and gives the answer to industry 4.0.

The new DMG MORI design – multifunctional, user-friendly and value retaining

The design of a product instantly determines the customer’s perception and estimation of value. From this perspective alone, DMG MORI has once again set standards in the field of machine tool manufacturing with the new joint design that illustrates the uniformly high quality standard of the machine tool manufacturer. Additionally, the new design impresses with more functionality, extra user-friendliness and high value retention.

Large viewing windows ensure the best possible view of the work area for better monitoring of the production process. Access facilities and the interior working area are designed so that it is easy for operators to reach inside and to ensure optimum chip disposal during the machining process. In addition, the safety glass windows can be removed from the outside, which benefits service friendliness. Another highlight of the new DMG MORI design is the machine housing which is provided with a special finely textured coating in the premium area. These long life surfaces offer better scratch resistance and better protection against damage in general, which further increases the ability of the high-tech machines to hold their value. Additionally, the new DMG MORI design is optionally available in either “BLACK” or “WHITE” at no extra cost.

DMU 80 FD duoBLOCK - maximum flexibility in complete machining


5-axis simultaneous machining is increasingly being developed as a key technology. With about 6,000 duoBLOCK machines successfully sold, DMG MORI has materially dictated this development. As a result of the successful worldwide deployment of duoBLOCK-FD milling/turning centres over 16 years, these machines have become innovation drivers and have further consolidated market leadership. AT TIMTOS DMG MORI will be presenting the DMU 80 FD duoBLOCK as an example for maximum flexibility and productivity in complete machining.

With the 4th generation of duoBLOCK machines DMG MORI achieved improvements of 30 % in the machine tools’ core characteristics of precision, performance and efficiency. Extensive cooling measures guarantee long-term accuracy, a considerable plus in rigidity leads to best cutting performance, and intelligent needs-based power units in the area of cooling, cooling lubricant system and hydraulics reduce energy consumption.

CTX beta 800 TC – Turn & Mill complete machining with the new, ultra-compact turning-milling spindle

DMG MORI at AMB 2014

The CTX beta 800 TC from DMG MORI is the new addition to the successful CTX TC series. On the one hand, with its automatic tool changer it offers customers maximum flexibility in the classical turning of workpieces up to Ø 500 × 800 mm. On the other hand, the B-axis with the new turning-milling spindle enables complete machining with up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. The core element is the B-axis with 200 mm stroke in the Y-axis, which is equipped with the new ultra-compact turning-milling spindle. The compact design of the spindle with integral release cylinder for the tool changing, has a torque of 120 Nm with an unparalleled spindle length of just 350 mm. Compared with a conventional spindle, this results in a 170 mm larger work area with at the same, time having 20 % more torque.

The CTX beta 800 TC is equipped with the latest 3D control technology. As standard, the machine has CELOS from DMG MORI with 21.5“ ERGOline Control and SIEMENS. Optional, the machine is also available with Operate 4.5 on a SIEMENS 840D solutionline including the 19“ ERGOline.

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