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01/15/2016|LASERTEC & ULTRASONIC News 01.2016

The new ULTRASONIC 20 linear - more compact, more powerful, more universal, reliable

Completely revised, the new ULTRASONIC 20 linear of the 2nd Generation convinces with a new functional design and a reduced footprint of 3,5 m² with in parallel improved rigidity and dynamic.

The versatile technical optimisations lead to higher spindle rpm now up to 60.000 min–1 for HSC applications, an optional mill-turn-table with max. 1.500 min–1 for economical ULTRASONIC cylindrical grinding operations in Advanced Materials, in up to 50 % increased drive motors (A-axis), an increased table load of 15 kg and in the use of bigger tool diameters of now up to 50 mm. The new ULTRASONIC 20 linear is also equipped now with the powerful and innovative CELOS from DMG MORI. Another highlight is the high performance c-axis (1.500 rpm) for external and internal cylindrical grinding operations of rotation symmetric workpieces in Advanced Materials with highest precision and productivity.

The linear drives in X, Y, Z reach max. acceleration of >1,2 g and 50 m/min rapid traverse. Due to the A-axis with extended swivel range of -15° to +130° and a fully integrated rotary axis with 360° (infinite), both axes with torque technology, the ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation is optimally suited for the 5-axis simultaneous machining.

The main techological attribute of the ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation is the ULTRASONIC tool holder, which can be exchanged into the spindle simple and automated. The actuator includes so called piezo elements that are stimulated with an high frequency between 20 and 50 Hz by an inductive system via the spindle. The standard tool rotation is superimposed with an additional oscillation so that an amplitude up to 10 µm at the cutting edge is generated. This superimposition at the cutting edge of the tool reduces the process forces by up to 40 % (depending on the material). Due to the oscillating contact interruption also a better lubrication and cooling of the cutting edge as well as an optimal partical flushing from the working zone can be achieved. This allows longer tool life and excellent surface qualities of up to Ra <0,1 µm in hard and brittle high-performance materials like glass, ceramics, corundum, and other hard to machine materials like tungsten carbide or fibre reinforced composites. This way the the ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation combines High Speed Cutting and highly efficient ULTRASONIC grinding machining of Advanced Materials on one machine and allows the machining of an unrivaled large material spectrum.

Die neue ULTRASONIC 20 linear

The ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation uses a new generation of the ULTRASONIC generator. This allows an intelligent control during the machining process, monitors the frequency and amplitude automatically and compensates external influences onto the process (e.g. from the material).

The control of the ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation assists the user with a lot of new functions. The ULTRASONIC parameters are automatically detected and then adjusted / tuned directly in the process. The CELOS control comes along with a new developed ULTRASONIC App which monitors the ULTRASONIC technology cycles like frequency, amplitude and power and assists to get a maximum of ULTRASONIC- and machine performance.