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07/20/2015|Preview EMO 2015, Milan

DMG MORI with 10 world premieres at EMO

DMG MORI will be confirming its status as a world market leader in the field of metal-cutting machine tools with 10 world premieres as well as a representative cross-section of its high-tech portfolio at the EMO in Milan.

1,200 m2 assembly workshop
(In a 1,200 m2 assembly workshop and 1,000 m2 technology centre GILDEMEISTER Italiana S.p.A. develops and presents customer specific solutions)

The EMO in Milan will provide DMG MORI with the perfect showcase for new advanced technologies and innovative products. From 5 to 10 October 2015, the technology partner will be presenting 10 world premieres at its stand in Hall 4. In the field of turning technology, there are 4 world firsts: the production turning machine SPRINT 32|5 (including the equally new extension stage to SPRINT 32|8) built in Italy, the second generation of the turning & milling machines CTX gamma TC in two sizes and the NLX 6000|2000 turning/milling centre for large components. The three milling innovations all originate this time from the 4th generation of the duoBLOCK series. Other highlights of DMG MORI’s trade fair presentation are the introduction of three world premieres in the ecoMill V series and the automatic lathes from DMG MORI WASINO that have been strengthening the DMG MORI product range since 1 April 2015.

Thanks to two Italian production sites, the EMO in Milan will be something of a home match for DMG MORI. Since 1969, GILDEMEISTER Italiana S.p.A. from Bergamo has been synonymous with high performance lathe technology and within the Group has a special focus on production and automatic lathe machines. Now that its site has been modernised and extended last year, DMG MORI will be setting new standards in the manufacture of machine tools. A new 1,200 m2 assembly hall has been created – accompanied by a 1,000 m2 technology centre, in which customized solutions and innovative high-tech machines are developed and can be presented to customers under production conditions.

The EMO world premiere SPRINT 32|5 and its upgrade SPRINT 32|8 are “made in Italy” as well as the universal turning machines NLX 2500SY|700 and CTX alpha 500. The turning & milling machining centre CTX beta 1250 TC, the production turning machine SPRINT 50 and the automatic multi-spindle machine GMC 20 ISM are other EMO exhibits made in Italy.

SPRINT 32|5 and SPRINT 32|8– Extension of the successful SPRINT series for parts with diametres of up to 32 mm

EMO world premiere SPRINT 32|5

The SPRINT 32|5 is designed for both short and long turning of workpieces of up to ø 32 x 600 mm. With a base area of less than 2.8 m², the new development is an extremely compact production facility. The SPRINT 32|5 machines materials in rod form up to 32 mm in diameter using two spindles and a 2-channel controller. DMG MORI keeps part costs to a minimum in this way. 22 tools on two independent workpiece carriers also make it possible to carry out complex machining processes. The automatic lathe also machines demanding workpieces radially at the main spindle with four driven tools. In total, the machine is equipped with five linear axes and on C-axis for the main spindle. Other options are the unloading device for workpieces up to 600 mm in length, and the high-pressure coolant supply with 120 bar.

As an upgrade, DMG MORI is presenting the SPRINT 32|8 at EMO as another extension of the SPRINT range. The SPRINT 32|8 is equipped with 3 independent linear carriers for 4-axis machining on the main spindle and offers space for up to 28 tools. The machine has six linear axes in total including a second Y-axis. Two C-axes are available as well – one for the main spindle, one for the counter spindle. In addition to the attainable pluses in performance and flexibility in relation to complex components, the ergonomic operation and the durable construction underline the performance of this innovation.

CTX gamma TC 2nd Generation – Complete machining with the new compactMASTER turning/milling spindle

EMO CTX gamma 1250 TC linear
(EMO world premiere CTX gamma 1250 TC 2nd Generation)

Better performance and a bigger working area are the main features of the new CTX gamma 1250 TC and CTX gamma 2000 TC. The indisputable highlight of the two 2nd generation machines from DMG MORI is the ultra-compact turning/milling spindle. Their compact dimensions translate into a space saving of 70 mm, meaning that 550 mm long workpieces can be horizontally drilled out or hollow turned. The elevation in the X-axis has been increased by 150 mm, thus extending the options for the machining of large workpiece diameters. In addition, the Y-axis now offers 20 mm more travel. The maximum turning length is 1,300 mm in the case of the CTX gamma 1250 TC. The big sister model has a turning length of 2,050 mm. The turning diameter is 700 mm, respectively.

(The turn & mill spindle compactMASTER from DMG MORI offers a torque raised by 130 % achieving up to 230 Nm for powerful machining with turning speeds of up to 12,000 min-1)

In its development of the compactMASTER turn & mill spindle, DMG MORI has increased the turning torque by 130 percent, meaning that up to 230 Nm is available to users. The spindle operates at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm. The new CTX gamma TC models also have improved dynamics: The feed speeds of 50 m/min in the X, Y and Z directions have been increased by up to 65 percent. With the optional linear drive in the Z-axis, the turning/milling machines achieve up to 60 m/min in fast feed and an acceleration of 1g. Equipped with a B-axis and the technology cycle, the two world premieres are ideal for 5-axis simultaneous machining. For 4-axis production turning, a bottom turret is optionally available as the 2nd tool carrier. This can accommodate up to 12 power tools at up to 10,000 rpm.

duoBLOCK 4th generation – Strong and precise: new duoBLOCK machining centres of the 4th generation

(5X-torqueMASTER with 80 % more torque)

The latest generation of duoBLOCK machining centres excels with its unique rigidity and extremely high precision. Above all, the sophisticated cooling system with comprehensive cooling features on the spindle head, NC round table and in the basic machine guarantees long-term precision even in the standard version. The large modules of the duoBLOCK series also contain numerous options for machine customization such as the precision package, which includes cooling of the entire feed drive or bed temperature control. Furthermore, the customer can select from the widest range of spindles currently on the market – with torques up to 1600 Nm. In combination with the optional heavy duty machining packages, users get up to 50 percent better milling performance in titanium and Inconel.
The world premieres in the duoBLOCK model series include the DMC 100 U duoBLOCK universal milling machine and the DMC 100 H duoBLOCK and DMC 125 H duoBLOCK horizontal centres. The distance from the spindle to the centre of the table of the two horizontal machining centres has been increased by 200 mm, meaning that now sufficient room is available for long tools up to 900 mm.

NLX 6000|2000 – powerful turn & mill machining with torque of up to 12,000 Nm, long parts and large diametres

EMO NLX 6000-2000
EMO world premiere NLX 6000|2000;  right: EMO NLX 6000 Performance - The new NLX 6000|2000 manages the whole range of high-performance turning in the field of long parts with large diametres from 2-axes turning to 6-side complete machining

With more than 2,300 installed machines, the SL series from DMG MORI has written an impressive success story over the last years. The NLX 6000|2000 now opens a new chapter setting new standards in the powerful turn & mill machining of workpieces up to 2,000 mm in length with a diameter of 920 mm – with a chuck diameter of 600 mm.

The basis for productive and high-precision machining on the NLX 6000|2000 are the tremendous rigidity of the drive trains, the structure of the machine bed and the flat guides with their high damping characteristics. The outstanding milling performance is guaranteed by the turret magazine with BMT technology. The integrated direct drive motor achieves up to 4,000 rpm and a high torque of up to 117 Nm.

The highlight of the NLX 6000|2000 is the application-oriented selection of powerful spindles. The range starts at type B with a spindle diameter of 185 mm. In this case, the maximum speed is 1600 rpm, and the torque is up to 7,000 Nm. The range of spindles is rounded off by two spindles, each with impressive torques of up to 12,000 Nm. Type C has a diameter of 285 mm and for the type D, it is an impressive 375 mm.

DMG MORI WASINO – Ultra precise production lathes with 0.2 µm roundness precision for production lines in the automotive industry

(EMO WASINO G100 | 480 AR - Thanks to its linear tool carrier as well as its process stability and rigidity the G100 | 480 offers the perfect basis for hard machining applications)

WASINO, a brand belonging to AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD, has more than 75 years of experience and developments and builds high-precision production lathes for the automotive, optical and other industries. Now that DMG MORI has taken over the lathe portfolio of AMADA, the models are now also being integrated in the global sales and service network of the machine tool manufacturer. The product range includes the G series, the J series and the A series of which DMG MORI will present two representative models during the EMO.

The robust design and low centre of gravity of the WASINO models of the G series make them particularly suitable for applications in which a high degree of mechanical and thermal stability is required. In combination with the linear tool carrier, the G series is thus predestined for use in finishing including for ultra-precision applications.

The J-series provides a selection of high precision and extremely compact automatic turret lathes that are designed for quality-oriented preparation and finishing of small precision workpieces.

The models of the WASINO A series from provide users with the largest number of tool locations, and in the case of the A 150SY|15D a counter-spindle for demanding 6-side complete machining. The focus of these machines is high-precision machining of complex turn & mill parts. Therefor the machines are equipped with a Y-axis and space for driven tool. The A 150Y|18, for instance, can be set up with 18 (driven) tools.

Additionally, with the GG-5, the JJ-1, and the AA-1 the WASINO portfolio offers in each of the three series a two spindle lathe for the highly productive serial production.

ECOLINE New Design – Optimised ergonomics and greater stability

EMO ecoTurn 450 New Design
(ecoTurn 450 with ECOLINE New Design)

The latest design evolution of the ECOLINE model series from DMG MORI underlines the high quality claim of the machine tool manufacturer‘s entry-level segment. Significantly more robust and scratch-resistant finishes made from anodised aluminium and powder-coated metal cladding provide a high degree of value stability. DMG MORI has also designed the ECOLINE models to be even more ergonomic with regard to accessibility. The safety windows of the machines can be replaced quickly and easily from the outside. The universal turning machine ecoTurn 450 has furthermore internal chip protection that prevents damage to the window.

The third generation of the new revolutionary ecoMill V series offers three further world premieres. The range consists of a series of vertical machining centres, presented in the ECOLINE New Design. They can accommodate workpieces weighing 600 kg, 800 kg and 1000 kg respectively in the form of the ecoMill 600 V, ecoMill 800 V and ecoMill 1100 V with the traverse X-axis of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1100 mm accordingly to the machines size. The performance of the three models in the ecoMill V series is outstanding, even in the standard version: The spindle operates at a speed of 12,000 rpm and with torque of 119 Nm in these models. The rapid traverse speed is 30 m/min in all axis. The positioning accuracy is 6 µm, which is best in class. The tool-changing time achieves up to 1.3 seconds. In total, the cutting speed has been increased by up to 25%. An optimized machine structure as well as perfect machine ergonomics also increase the stability during machining, and a high degree of manufacturing flexibility is provided in the standard version by having 30 tool pockets in the tool magazine.

One additional highlight of the new ecoMill V series is the control variety. The new DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline Control* (19" / Operate on SIEMENS / 400 V) with the highest screen resolution and touch operations is practical, user friendly and ergonomically optimized. You can simulate the machining process in advance – of course in 3D. Optimized panel with 45 degrees swivelling and intuitive use – this is how modern and responsible workplaces look like. Optimized ergonomics is the advantage for a better control and machine status overview as well as efficient and safe machine operation. The new revolutionary DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline Control* (19" / Operate on SIEMENS / 400 V) is the step to the next level with its significantly extended advanced programming with the capacity 4 GB instead of 5 MB in comparison with previous version. The new ecoMill V series in new design is also available with DMG MORI SLIMline Panel (15" / MAPPS IV on FANUC).


*Available from March 2016

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