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Press Statement // Activities in Russia

DMG MORI has ceased operations in Russia. We declared this in the spring of 2022 – and we remain fully committed to it to this day.

At the moment the impression is being created that we have broken our promise.

This accusation against DMG MORI is 100% false and we continue to reject it with all our might.

We at DMG MORI create value, we create jobs, and we will not allow our excellent reputation to be damaged by false allegations.

DMG MORI has not supplied any machines or components to Russia after 24th February 2022. In addition, we have completely cut down any IT link from outside to Russia to make it impossible to continue local operations.

It now seems highly likely that after our production stop in the spring of 2022, machines that had been in Russia prior to the Russian invasion were shipped from our facilities in Russia without the knowledge or consent of our properly empowered management.

We will now carefully investigate how this could have happened.

Our thoughts continue to be with the people in Ukraine. Especially for them we hope for a speedy end to this terrible war.