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02/15/2017|Open House Pfronten 2017 - Linear Pallet Pool system (LPP)

Superior and Advanced High-productivity System

With a Linear Pallet Pool system (LPP) DMG MORI connects the horizontal machining centers NHX 5000 and DMC 60 H linear.

​​​​​​​The LPP system from DMG MORI is designed in pursuit of usability, aiming at reduction of operators’ everyday burden.

In the field of automation DMG MORI presents a new flexibly automated manufacturing ­system at OH Pfronten. Its core elements are the horizontal machining centers NHX 5000 and DMC 60 H linear as well as the linear pallet pool system LPP 24, which automatically supplies the two horizontal machining centers with workpieces.

The LPP 24 system of the system shown in Pfronten provides a total of 24 pallet spaces on two levels. Optionally, due to the modular LPP system, even 99 spaces are possible, while several standardized configuration options ensure a high degree of individualization. Up to eight machines can already be linked as standard in connection with a maximum of five set-up stations. Further modifications are then also possible as customer-oriented special configurations. The linear pallet storage systems as part of the LPP range thus become the key for flexible automation in the area of small and medium series, whereby even single orders can be comfortably integrated into the automated process as required, without ­decreasing the productivity of the overall system.

Also responsible for this outstanding flexibility is the most recent generation of the MCC-LPS III cell generation by DMG MORI. This system provides a large number of functions for managing job orders, for configuring programs and workpieces as well as for managing material, tools and clamping devices. This enables a flexible schedule or the fluid adjustment to changes in production planning as well as a flexible creation of production priorities in case of short-term order changes. The scope of features also includes comprehensive status monitoring as well as customizable reporting of variant production.

DMG MORI even provides a highly efficient software solution for simple and highly efficient tool management with MCC-TMS (optional). The central management of the tool data shortens the setup time significantly and prevents errors. Amongst others, downtimes are also managed in accordance with the schedule in MCC-LPS III, supporting longer continuous operation of the system and thus additionally increasing the productivity of the overall system. The complete process automation is thus realized by
DMG MORI Systems as a single source.

Highlights of flexible automation with Linear Pallet Pool (LPP)

  • Flexible manufacturing of changing lot sizes right down
  • to single part production
  • Unmanned manufacturing across breaks and into the second and third unmanned shift
  • Flexible storage capacity for different workpieces
  • Automatic process control with order changes requiring no setting up time
  • Increased efficiency by means of optimum utilization of machine and employee capacity
  • Immediate increase of delivery and response capacity
  • Development of high productivity reserves due to fast throughput times
  • Workshop-oriented programmability and handling 

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