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02/15/2017|Open House Pfronten 2017 - DMG MORI Technology Cycles

60 % faster thanks to dialogue-guided programming

Even complex workpieces can be programmed on the machine quite easily with exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles.

A large portion of expertise is needed if the full potential of modern machine tools is to be utilized optimally. The increasing complexity of applications requires ever more sophisticated machining strategies that can only be realized under conventional conditions with expensive, time-consuming programming. As a competence partner DMG MORI also supports its customers in the preliminary phases of machining production with a large number of exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles. These aid handling, measuring, machining as well as monitoring and result in a time saving of up to 60 percent.

Even in times of increasing automation, workshop-orientated programming plays a significant role especially in the production of single items and small series. There are two reasons why this is so: firstly, it means that skilled workers can put their process expertise to optimum use and secondly, it enables manufacturers to respond immediately to any short-term changes. Whereby special machining cycles for recurring operations minimize the time and effort needed for programming. Standard cycles for turning, milling and boring in particular are included in the scope of performance of modern controls.

One example from the field of handling cycles is the tool sorting cycle:
  • Shorter idle times thanks to automatic sorting of the tools in the magazine in the required sequence
  • Time-optimized sorting in the chain magazine by using the tool shuttle instead of the spindle.

However, DMG MORI goes a step further with its DMG MORI technology cycles. Based on its extensive application experience the machine tool manufacturer has been developing its own technology cycles for customers for years. With these cycles even complex machining steps can be programmed directly on the machine quite easily via dialogues by entering the parameters. This is a visualized, interactive and user-friendly form of programming that results in significant time saving in production.

DMG MORI technology cycles for every phase of machining

3D quickSET is one highlight in the field of measuring cycles: Tool kit for checking and correcting the kinematic accuracy of 4 and 5-axis machine configurations All head variants and table axes Note: In conjunction with the measuring probe option only

The DMG MORI technology cycle offer starts right at the beginning with the handling cycles. These significantly simplify loading and unloading and the configuration of pallets, components and tools. Measuring cycles facilitate fast determination of zero point offsets and quality control, while a series of machining cycles support the actual machining process itself. 5-axis simultaneous machining, gear milling and Turn & Mill complete machining are just three examples of the sophisticated applications to which DMG MORI continuously turns its attention in this field. And finally, monitoring cycles optimize the machining process by means of consistent real-time monitoring.

How do your customers benefit from the DMG MORI technology cycles?

Among others, the grinding 2.0 cycle helps in the optimization of the machining process: The AE (acoustic emission) sensor detects the first contact between grinding wheel and workpiece For internal, external and surface grinding Dressing cycles for dressing the grinding wheel

The exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles sustainably support production on the high-performance machine tools on not just one, but several levels. Apart from enhanced user comfort and shorter throughput times, benefits also include process reliability and the quality of parts. Added to this is the possibility of technology integration. There are special technology cycles in grinding, for example, for internal, external and face grinding as well as cycles for calibrating the dressing station and dressing the grinding wheel. Such support is an added value especially in view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers. Because this constitutes an even greater challenge for manufacturers to produce sophisticated workpieces economically and in the required qualities. Simple programme generation with the aid of the DMG MORI technology cycles requires less prior knowledge, while the time-saving in programming ensures higher machine availability. The same applies to the more efficient and, in many cases, faster machining. The automated processes protect the machine, part and tool alike and enable risk-free production.

MPC 2.0 – Machine Protection Control is one of the best sellers in the field of monitoring cycles: Vibration sensor on the milling spindle NEW: Cutting force monitoring for drilling and thread cutting


  • Dialogue-assisted programming with 26 exclusive technology cycles for handling, measuring, clamping and monitoring
  • NEW: Intelligent grinding cycles for internal, external and surface grinding
  • Real-time monitoring for maximum process safety and component quality

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