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01/30/2023|World premiere: DMF 300|11 

Innovative travelling column concept for maximum machining versatility

With travels of 3,000 x 1,100 x 1,050 mm and an extensive modular design, the DMF 300|11 continues the success story of the DMF series.

The DMF 300|11 enables high-precision machining over traverse paths of 3,000 x 1,100 x 1,050 mm. A constant overhang of the Y-axis allows the maximum milling performance to be called up over the entire traverse path.

The newly designed DMF 200|8 and DMF 300|8 have raised the traveling column machine segment at DMG MORI to a new level. Based on this consistent further development, the machine tool manufacturer is now also presenting the larger DMF 300|11. The rigidity here has also been increased by 20 percent compared to the previous series. Its positioning accuracy is 5 µm thanks to the stable machine bed, three linear guides in the X axis and a holistic cooling concept. With traverse paths of 3,000 x 1,100 x 1,050 mm, DMG MORI was able to increase the work envelope by 40 percent compared to its predecessor, and the unique as well as process-reliable tool change behind the work table was also adopted from the smaller sister models. The standard version of the tool magazine offers space for 40 tools with lengths of up to 400 mm. Constant projections also ensure consistent milling performance. In its ergonomic stealth design, the DMF 300|11 is also comfortable to operate and prepared for productive automation solutions.

For the machining of long components, the travelling column machines from DMG MORI have always been the right choice. The DMF 300|11 also offers plenty of space in the Y and Z axes. The optional partition wall creates two separate workspaces that enable setup during machining time by pendulum machining of the spindle. The rigid table is designed as standard for workpieces weighing up to 5,000 kg. As an option, DMG MORI can integrate one or two rotary tables, each of which can be loaded with components weighing 1,200 kg. An add-on table as an A-axis with 500 kg loading is also available. The modular system is completed by an FD rotary table for demanding mil & turn operations and larger tool magazines with currently up to 120 places.

Precision machining across the entire work envelope

A highlight of DMG MORI's travelling column concept is the constantly cantilevered Y-axis. It gives the DMF 300|11 consistent rigidity over the entire traverse path. This allows users to call up the maximum spindle power at any time – regardless of the spindle position. Extensive cooling measures as standard ensure high long-term thermal accuracy with minimal tolerances. The ball screws in the X, Y and Z axes are driven via a toothed belt with arrow teeth and ensure the best surface finishes here. The rapid traverse rates are 42 m/min in all axes, optional linear drives reach 80 m/min in the X-axis and 60 m/min in the Y- and Z-axes. A B axis with the integrated speedMASTER spindle with 15,000 rpm is part of the basic equipment of the DMF 300|11. Alternatively, a model with a 20,000 rpm speedMASTER spindle is available, as well as a 12,000 rpm powerMASTER spindle with higher torque (288 Nm). As with all MASTER spindles, a runtime-independent warranty of 36 months applies. A highlight is the HSK-A100 interface, which can further increase the cutting performance of the machine.

Future-oriented equipment

The tool change takes place safely behind the work table, which also contributes to thermal stability.

To ensure that the DMF 300|11 remains a future-proof investment, DMG MORI is able to effortlessly integrate the moving column machine into digital infrastructures. Exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles also increase productivity in machining, for example through the trouble-free programming of freely swiveling angular heads using angularTOOL. Manufacturing on the DMF 300|11 becomes even more productive through automation solutions, for example by means of robot concepts. DMG MORI has already integrated corresponding interfaces for this purpose.

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