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05/09/2022|Open House Pfronten 2022 - World Premiere: DMU 85 H monoBLOCK / DMC 85 H monoBLOCK

Process-safe 5-axis universal machining up to 1,000 kg

The best of both worlds: The DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK is as flexible and productive as a universal machine and as reliable as a horizontal machining center.

  • Wide component spectrum due to large work area with travels of 850 x 1,150 x 900 mm
  • Process reliability due to free chip fall as well as DMG MORI technology cycles and CONDITION ANALYZER
  • Precision and long-term accuracy due to inherently rigid machine bed with innovative horizontal gantry concept
  • Linear drives in X- and Z-axis as well as Direct Drive in the C-axis for highest dynamics and powerMASTER spindle
  • Versatile automation with PH Cell 2000, LPP, PH‑AGV and WH FLEX
The new DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK aims in particular at users from the mechanical engineering, die & mold, aerospace and semiconductor sectors.

With the DMU H monoBLOCK series, DMG MORI has successfully implemented its customers' requirements for flexibility, process reliability and automation. Now the machine tool manufacturer is presenting the new DMU 85 H monoBLOCK and DMC 85 H monoBLOCK in the version with pallet changer as a consistent expansion of the series. The new size aimes in particular at users from the mechanical engineering, die & mold, aerospace and semiconductor sectors.

Thanks to the ideal chip fall, horizontal 5-axis simultaneous machining allows absolutely process-reliable production of complex workpieces. In the case of the DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK, travels of 850 x 1,150 x 900 mm serve a wide range of components. The long Z-travel makes this size ideal for deep hole drilling. The swivel rotary table, which is mounted on both sides, can support a load of up to 1,000 kg (800 kg for the version with pallet changer). It can be used for 5-axis machining of individual parts as well as series components on clamping towers. The solid basis for precise machining is provided by the inherently rigid machine bed, the horizontal gantry concept, the thermosymmetrical design and the integrated cooling concept. Linear drives in the X and Z axes and a direct drive in the C axis also ensure maximum dynamics, while speedMASTER spindles also allow high-speed applications.

Flexible automation solutions for single-part and series production

To increase productivity, the DMU 85 H monoBLOCK and DMC H 85 monoBLOCK can be automated according to customer specifications – both for individual parts and in series production. For the former, for example, the new PH Cell 2000, a retrofittable handling system for up to 21 pallets and workpiece diameters up to ø 1,100 mm, is available. The DMC H 85 monoBLOCK has an integrated pallet changer, which already enables setup in real time. A linear pallet pool (LPP) and the PH‑AGV are available for linking several machines with an automation system. The WH FLEX is also available for series production with a changing parts spectrum. This makes the DMU/DMC H 85 monoBLOCK an investment in the future that enables users to produce economically from batch size 1.

Various automation solutions further increase the productivity of the DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK.

Future-oriented digitization and technology integration

On the control side, the DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK features CELOS with SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN. With the CONDITION ANALYZER and the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles, users also increase process reliability.  In addition, there is the option of technology integration: Like the DMU 65 H monoBLOCK, the DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK will also be available with the technology integration milling-turning (FD) and can thus serve numerous applications, especially in the semiconductor machine building and aerospace sectors.

With large traverse paths of 850 x 1,150 x 900 mm, the DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK serves a wide range of components.

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