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05/09/2022|Open House Pfronten 2022 - World premiere: MATRIS Light

Quick to deploy when needed, quick to remove when not in use

With the collaborative robot MATRIS Light, DMG MORI offers a highly flexible automation solution for the efficient for efficient variable-mix and variable-volume production.

  • Freely movable workpiece handling, including robot and storage area on a trolley
    • Workpieces up to 5 kg or 2 x 2 kg with double gripper
    • No changes to the infrastructure
    • No fence necessary
    • 600 x 900 mm footprint, plus workpiece storager
  • Collaborative robots, setup time< five  minutes*
    • Direct teaching without robot knowledge
    • Easy connection via Ethernet
  • Extension (Option)
    • Workpiece memory for up to 108 parts (2-fold memory for max. 36 in standard)
    • Blow-off device
    • Measuring system and quality check, etc.
  • Available for a wide range of turning centers and machining centers

Production with variable mix and volume requires highly flexible automation solutions. With MATRIS Light, DMG MORI now presents a very space-saving and collaborative automation system for workpieces weighing up to 5 kg, which can be connected to various machine tools within five minutes*. Here, the robot supports the operator in his direct work and enables autonomous loading and unloading of up to 108 workpieces. Compatible models include NTX and NZX series turn-mill centers, turning centers of the NLX and ALX series, CMX V series vertical machining centers, as well as the i 30 V and the NHX 4000 horizontal machining center. In the 5-axis range, the CMX 50 U, the DMU 50 and the DMU 40 eVo.

With its small footprint of less than 1.4 m², the MATRIS Light requires about as much space as an operator.

With its small dimensions of 900 x 1,550 mm including workpiece storage, the MATRIS Light requires about as much space as an operator. Additional floor space as with other automation solutions is therefore not required. Thanks to its rollers, the collaborative robot can be flexibly installed by one person at the machine tool where it is to support production. The setup time is just five minutes*. Via plug & play, friendly human-machine-interface and automatic position correction (option), also operators without robot knowledge can use the MATRIS Light.

Highly flexible and collaborative automation for workpieces weighing up to 5 kg.

Designed for flexible and process-reliable variable mix and volume-, the MATRIS Light offers a transfer weight of 5 kg. In addition, peripheral activities such as blowing off or measuring can be integrated into the automation. To ensure that working with the MATRIS Light is also safe for the operator, the automation solution features scanners that are highly sensitive to immediately stop movement when in contact with humans – no fences needed.
* This time refers to the repeated setup of already known workpieces.

Collaborative robots with under five minutes* setup time: Direct teaching without robot knowledge and simple connection via Ethernet.

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