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05/09/2022|Open House Pfronten 2022 - DIGITAL TWIN

„The future belongs to the digital twin“

With the DMG MORI DIGITAL TWIN to maximum performance and sustainability in product creation, production and life cycle.

  • 40 % faster production ramp-up – identify unused potential and tap into it digitally
  • Up to 30 % cost reduction – minimal set-up times due to less testing on the machine
  • 100 % collision-free run-in – complete digital testing and optimization of NC programs

Digital twins are one of the defining topics in manufacturing technology and, of course, have long been at DMG MORI. The DMG MORI DIGITAL TWIN represents the digital image of an individual DMG MORI machine tool. This image contains the workspace with all components, including all functionalities such as movements and control functions as well as the NC and PLC and their cycles.

For example, the integrated NC and PLC functionality allows each machining operation or NC program to be simulated exactly 1:1 after the postprocessor run. It is even possible to generate the programs directly on the virtual machine before they are virtually tested and optimized. This digital run-in of the machine guarantees a fast production ramp-up on the one hand and minimizes the risk of a machine crash on the real machine on the other.

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Niederwestberg, Head of Digital Twin in front of the DMU 340 Gantry

In addition, the DMG MORI DIGITAL TWIN offers users the possibility of realistic training of employees without unproductive machine hours. Practical experience in this respect has shown high learning success and, as a rule, a reduction in training costs of up to 50 percent. The cost balance is even better if the employees have already been trained and the programs written before delivery of a new machine.

Another field of application for the DMG MORI Digital Twin is the digital engineering of flexibly automated manufacturing systems. The complete system is realized digitally in advance, including all interactions and control functions. Resulting advantages are:

  • Efficient planning of automation solutions, including feasibility, visualization and simulation
  • Optimization of the layout to the customer's environment on site
  • Integration of peripheral devices, e.g. marking, washing, deburring, measuring
  • Simplified simulation of the process flow for the entire automation system
Digital Engineering by DMG MORI

In addition, the various trades involved in product creation and their associated goals, such as scheduling, capacity design or quantity-based design, are networked in the background, ensuring that all instances and excellences are interlinked at an early stage. The added values that can be achieved with DMG MORI Digital Engineering are correspondingly comprehensive:

  1. Faster to market through virtual prototyping and specification of technologies, processes, workflows and system architecture.
  2. Faster to the customer through digital requirements management and virtual fine-tuning, up to interactive customer acceptance of system units and the overall system.
  3. Faster to the workpiece through development-accompanying employee training, timely programming with simulation and smooth installation and commissioning.
  4. Faster to the optimum through data and knowledge-based service and application support, over the entire life cycle of the system, right through to disposal or upcycling for further use.

In the environment of digital engineering, DMG MORI offers a future-oriented development environment for the design and implementation of flexibly automated manufacturing systems. Unique highlights are the dynamic virtualization of machines, assemblies and automation equipment as well as the simulability of all system-internal processes and motion sequences.

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