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01/30/2018|Open House Pfronten 2018 - LASERTEC SLM

Complete solution for the powder bed method

CELOS SLM provides the process chain relating to the LASERTEC SLM series by DMG MORI with an integral software and control solution with uniform user interface.


  • Generative manufacturing in the powder bed with volumes of 300 × 300 × 300 mm
  • Application-specific fibre laser sources of 600 W up to 1 kW
  • High-precision build-up of 3D components with layer thicknesses of 20 to 100 µm
  • Minimal operating costs: only 70 l / h argon consumption
  • Integrated powder recycling for even greater efficiency and optimised, safe powder handling
  • Quick powder changer using replaceable powder modules
  • Universal software solution with CELOS SLM from CAD files to process control with a standard user interface
  • Optimum process chain for post-processing on DMG MORI machines in the HSC and DMU series for highest part accuracy and best surface finishes
The LASERTEC 30 SLM impresses with its high level of process reliability and efficiency on the market for additive systems for selective laser melting. Its flexible powder module enables a powder changeover in under two hours. 

As a pioneer in the area of additives, DMG MORI demonstrates its process competence in the powder bed method as well as in the area of powder nozzle technology with three universal process chains all from one source. The starting point of the additive revolution is in both cases the finest powder in different materials in grain sizes of less than µm diameter. As a system, DMG MORI offers its customer the LASERTEC 3D hybrid series for the combination of laser deposition welding and machining on one machine as well as the LASERTEC 3D models solely for laser deposition welding within a process chain with separate machining centres. The LASERTEC SLM machines round off the powder bed technology portfolio – including CELOS SLM as well as a universal software solution for CAM programming and machine control with uniform user interface.

Workflow SLM Technology: Process of Digitization.

Additive team player for the manufacturing industry

With the introduction of the LASERTEC 3D hybrid machines, DMG MORI has established itself as a full-liner in additive manufacturing and has uniquely rounded off its portfolio. While the LASERTEC 65 3D has been designed solely for laser deposition welding of larger components, the LASERTEC SLM series expands the range to include the powder bed method using selective laser melting. As an additive team player, the two new developments together with high-tech machines from the DMG MORI machining portfolio opens up numerous options for industrial complete machining.

LASERTEC SLM: Revolutionary multi-layered process

The focus is currently on the LASERTEC SLM machines. During this powder bed method, a thin layer of powder is applied to a platform that can be lowered. A continuous laser beam then melts the applied powder to the programmed position. Once all positions on a layer have been processed, the platform lowers according to the desired layer thickness (between 20 and 100 µm). The process repeats until the component has been completely built up. While the workpiece is “freed” from the powder bed, the surplus powder falls through a mesh sieve into a main tank for reuse.

Universal software solution for the powder bed method

With CELOS SLM, DMG MORI also offers an integral software solution for CAM programming and machine control from a single source and with a uniform user interface. The coordinated and uniform user interface allows components to be programmed and the data immediately transferred to the machine in the shortest possible time – regardless of the complexity of the parts. Minor changes can also be made to the machine control without regression and with the same ease of handling.

Where the control is concerned, CELOS SLM impresses with an adapted exposure strategy that is generated automatically before the start of the process. This ensures that the energy input in the part can be controlled so exactly in cycle rates of approx. 10 µs during the entire deposition process that exactly the needed amount of energy is put into the pulverbed. Whereby, all process-relevant parameters, such as scan speed, laser power and focus diameter are incorporated in the programming. This prevents distortions and stress generation in the material so even thin horizontal and vertical walls can produced reliably. 

A new quick-change powder module ensures flexibility for order planning and high utilization rates for the LASERTEC SLM systems. After the powder module has docked on and off, it is only necessary for the working area to be carefully cleaned for a change of material. This prevents the entry of “foreign material” into the closed powder cycle. This, in turn, shortens the change time between two materials from around one and a half days to, today, only two hours. This makes it possible to economically process different material requirements.

Powder module: Change of materials without contamination within less than two hours.

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