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01/30/2018|Open House Pfronten 2018 - First Quality

100-percent satisfied customers thanks to quality assurance

The First Quality strategy enables DMG MORI to guarantee high reliability and long service life for its products as well as trouble-free processes.

  • First Quality strategy
  • Definition of quality standards in the development of machines and DMG MORI COMPONENTS
  • Quality standards that are recognised world-wide
  • High-quality products and trouble-free processes
  • Prototype tests, in-house developments and the DMQP certificate

The best products at the highest quality and one-hundred-percent customer satisfaction are top priorities at DMG MORI. To successfully achieve both these aspects, the machine tool manufacturer follows a First Quality strategy. It defines high quality standards during in-house development of machines and DMG MORI COMPONENTS as well as during cooperation with DMQP-certified partners. DMG MORI takes note of their customers’ feedback from regular satisfaction surveys and incorporates it into its optimisation processes.

First Quality
The best products at the highest quality and one-hundred-percent customer satisfaction are top priorities at DMG MORI.

“Our customers expect the highest workpiece accuracy, reliability and a long service life. We want one-hundred-percent satisfied customers”, says Bert Seebach, responsible for central quality management at DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, regarding the important cornerstone of the DMG MORI First Quality strategy. The certification of all manufacturing plants according to the world-wide recognised quality standard ISO 9001 sets the foundation for high-quality products and trouble-free processes. Its specifications are regularly checked during internal and external audits. The underlying manuals for quality management form the basis for continuous further development of quality management at the manufacturing plants.

And it is precisely here that DMG MORI implements its First Quality strategy – it unites the best-practice solutions in the company to develop new innovate quality processes and to continuously expand the high-quality standards. “The linking of cultures and skills within the global DMG MORI group has also provided new inspiration for the area of quality management”, further explains Dr. Naoshi Takayama, Senior Executive Managing Director of DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED.

First Quality
Extreme reliability and significantly longer service life: DMG MORI provides a 36 month warranty on the MASTER spindles – without any hourly limit.  

DMG MORI maintains very close customer contact for the purpose of continuously optimising quality management. The technology director collects important feedback in three-phase satisfaction surveys 15 and 90 days after the installation as well as just prior to the end of the warranty period. With feedback from up to 30,000 direct customers per year, DMG MORI can immediately check success and react to changing market requirements even more quickly.

Prototype tests, in-house developments and the DMQP certificate

DMG MORI ensures high product reliability thanks to a six-phase design review process, which systematically focuses on long service lives and the durability of all their products. Prototype tests – which represent the toughest customer conditions – guarantee one-hundred-percent functionality of the product right from their launch.

The DMG MORI COMPONENTS ensure that core components such as milling spindles, turning spindles, turrets or tool changers fulfil the exacting quality requirements. Also the fact that DMG MORI holds complete responsibility from development through manufacturing and assembly right up to taking on maintenance, contributes to the optimisation process. “We are able to pass on the results of this to the customer in order to increase their satisfaction even more”, explains Bert Seebach. An example of the requirements placed on product and component quality is the MASTER spindle series, which unites all of DMG MORI’s expertise. The successful result is the high reliability and significantly longer lifecycle of the motor spindles compared to conventional spindles. This is the reason DMG MORI provides a 36 month warranty on the spindles in this series – without any hourly limit.

 Other pillars of the quality guarantee are the many years of innovation partnerships and the DMQP certificate for peripheries and accessories.  DMG MORI uses the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) programme to define its high demand on quality. Certified DMQP partners have to satisfy the most stringent requirements relating to innovative capacity, technological expertise and quality. Coordinated interfaces, secure connectivity, price maintenance and defined warranty conditions ensure ongoing productivity increases for DMG MORI customers’ manufacturing solutions and guarantee the highest quality, right down to the smallest detail.

First Quality

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