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01/30/2018|Open House Pfronten 2018 - CELOS | ADAMOS

Integrated digitization solutions

DMG MORI promotes digital workflows as a fundamental step towards the digital factory

  • DMG MORI Path of Digitization: Step-by-step from the vision to reality
  • Having workflows under control with CELOS MANUFACTURING:
    • PRODUCTION PLANNING: Enhanced planning and scheduling of production orders
    • DIGITAL TOOLING: 3 CELOS apps for complete digital tool management throughout the entire production process
    • DIGITAL MONITORING: The complete production process at a glance
  • ADAMOS: IIoT platform from machine builders for machine builders

“Also in the new year, Industry 4.0 remains the dominant topic for machine tool manufacturing. In the process, DMG MORI is developing dynamically into a global turnkey partner. CELOS offers a modular portfolio of solutions for the integral digitalisation of the factory – of machines, processes and services.

Digitization from one success to the next

For Dr. Holger Rudzio, Managing Director of DMG MORI Software Solutions, the workshop is the central focus of all digitalisation. The greatest advantage from his perspective: Digital transformation can take place step by step, meaning “bottom up” rather than “top down” – from machining processes through digital workflows to integral networked digital factories. One project after the other – and from one success to the next!

From January 2018 on "Digital Factories" will be realized in large DMG MORI showrooms in order to demonstrate the benefits of of horizontal networking on the shoopfloor live to the customers.

 “Tool box” of digitalisation for small and large

The perspective is reflected by the “Path of Digitisation”, which DMG MORI has declared to be their overall guiding principal for themselves and their customers. A guiding principle that has enormously increased in importance with numerous digital innovations and future projects. From January 2018, customers can experience “Digital Factories” with live demonstrations of the benefits of horizontal networking in DMG MORI showrooms. A “digital tool box” has been created at DMG MORI from all these innovations and future initiatives. This will enable smaller businesses to take advantage of a simple and harmonious entry point into digitalisation as well as serve larger companies as an integrated and modular system.

Fully digitalised workflows

From spring 2018, the focus will be on integrated digital workflows with CELOS Version 5.0 – from planning through production planning right up to monitoring. The CELOS  APP package “DIGITAL PLANNING” enables you to efficiently organise job orders, while taking into account various dependencies. The CELOS PRODUCTION PLANNING app offers users a decisive plus when it comes to increased efficiency and reliability on the shop floor. Specifically, this covers the integral connecting of ERP systems, digital production planning and terminal-controlled factory production. “In combination with production planning, the consistent integration enables continuous process optimisation”, explains Dr. Rudzio. In turn, this reduces setup and idle times and increases productivity for the long term. The increased digital transparency should ensure increased planning reliability.

Digital Tooling” is another workflow package. All of the tool information necessary for the production process can be managed centrally with this CELOS APP: during NC programming and simulation, and even during tooling, reading and loading. In the process, tool data can be accessed by various systems at the same time. All process-related data is stored in a central tool management system, making the history of a tool transparent and fully traceable.

CELOS PRODUCTION PLANNING for enhanced planning and scheduling

  • Intelligent planning tool for production
  • Higher transparency for improved adherence to deadlines
  • Optimization of throughput times and batch sizes
  • Visualization of capacity reserves
  • Planning of maintenance
  • BDE/MDE feedback
  • Interface for transferring orders from ERP systems

CELOS DIGITAL TOOLING – three CELOS APPs for integrated digital tool management


  • Creation and management of digital tools
  • Setting of tool parameters
  • Recording of presetting data


  • Analysis of recorded tool and process data


  • Improved handling of physical tools (loading and unloading)
  • Identification and adaptation of digital and physical tools

Monitoring with additional benefits

The app package “Digital Monitoring” visualises all important information in the digital factory for more transparency during production. The CELOS CONDITION ANALYZER app offers recording, saving, analysis and visualisation of machine sensor data. The CELOS APP then makes it possible to analyse one or several machines, e.g. for early detection of machine problems. The PERFORMANCE MONITOR visualises current machine availability and efficiency, independent of the site. The CELOS APP thus offers transparency and monitoring options for basic production parameters – the so-called key performance indicators (KPIs).

Everything at a glance

The CELOS COCKPIT serves as the interface between all machines in the production environment. All information relevant to the workshop both from DMG MORI machines as well as external factories come together here. Users can gain an overall overview of the status of the shop floor – and, with the corresponding digital workflows from DMG MORI, even get information on orders and faults (including bottlenecks, waiting times, causes and remaining run-time periods). With CELOS Version 5.0, all DMG MORI machines with SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN and MAPPS controls (with the exception of the SLIMline machines) will be available with CELOS Version 5.0 from April 2018. Existing machines with older CELOS versions can be updated to the latest software. The CELOS Version 5.0 update is performed using an “update stick” and is carried out by DMG MORI Service. The data and communication settings remain completely intact. Every customer is provided with basic training on the new features during start of operation. 

CELOS DIGITAL MONITORING – The complete production process at a glance  


Increase in productivity due immediate detection of downtimes

Recording and analysis of machine data with direct feedback for maximum machine productivity 

​​​​​​​Recording, analysis and visualisation of machine availability and efficiency based on direct feedback from production, irrespective of the site

With ADAMOS to a turnkey provider

DMG MORI has implemented an important element of the CELOS digital factory with the digitalisation of the shop floor. To further expand digitalisation, DMG MORI, together with partners from mechanical engineering and IT, has founded the ADAMOS IIoT initiative.

“ADAMOS is an important component of our ‘Path of Digitization’, as we have more control of the digitalisation process and are in a position to actively shape it”, stresses Dr. Rudzio on the strategic importance of the IIoT initiative. While DMG MORI independently develops a platform-based business model, ADAMOS GmbH cooperates in the area of the required IIoT infrastructure, on the basic software and digital products as well as the availability of data-based services.

The core of the global ADAMOS initiative is to develop the digital future of mechanical engineering in an alliance of equals. “We want to jointly determine the rules of digital production in an interdisciplinary cooperation. This is the only way that industrial companies can avoid the risk of entering into a dependent relationship with software companies or large internet businesses”, is Dr. Rudzio’s appeal. DMG MORI works on ADAMOS with strong partners such as Dürr, Zeiss, ASM, Engel and Software AG. Other partners will follow.

DMG MORI started with a CELOS app-based control and operating system. CELOS Manufacturing already enables data-based processes to be completely planned and visualised in the factory. Thanks to ADAMOS, CELOS can now be expanded into an open network and a digital marketplace for the mechanical engineering industry. Dr. Rudzio’s conclusion: “We can now offer our customers comprehensive digital services for our machines. We are able to digitalise the entire process chain of production and, thanks to ADAMOS, we can successfully design basic and integral processes for our customers using a 360-degree approach.

Mechanical engineering industry shapes digitalisation

CELOS will be expanded into a digital marketplace on the basis of ADAMOS. This will allow DMG MORI to offer its customers integrated, digital and open end-to-end solutions for the highest security, transparency and efficiency in the digital factory.


  1. Global alliance: DMG MORI, Dürr, Software AG, Zeiss, ASM and Engel combine their strengths in ADAMOS for Industry 4.0 and are open for further partners
  2. Open platform: The ADAMOS IIoT platform is manufacturer-neutral and combines “leading edge” IIoT technology and the partners’ leading sector knowledge
  3. Broad app portfolio: The ADAMOS App Factory Alliance concentrates on the technological expertise and sector knowledge of their partners for fast and joint development of apps
  4. Digital marketplaces: The partners represent their digital expertise with their own identity and individual marketplaces for their customers (e.g. CELOS powered by ADAMOS)
  5. Strong setup: ADAMOS GmbH and the ADAMOS App Factory Alliance started on 1st October 2017 with around 200 experts, with 5 digital marketplaces covered by the partners and with more than 30 apps
  6. End-to-end: With ADAMOS, DMG MORI is able to offer its customers, partners and suppliers an integrated digitalisation strategy

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