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02/15/2017|Open House Pfronten 2017 - Digital Factory

With DMG MORI into the age of Industry 4.0

DMG MORI is reinforcing the basis of integral digitization with new CELOS Solutions, exclusive technology cycles and powertools as well as a new start-up for digital production.

The trend towards the networking of machines, products and services to form digital process chains is unbroken. To the same degree, sensors and software are gaining in importance – even in the machine-tool industry. For this reason, DMG MORI is continuing to massively expand its software solutions. The overriding objective is to generate added value for customers right in the early stages of their digitalization by means of specific digital solutions. Among other things, this is demonstrated in 26 exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles for quick and easy shop floor programming. The new DMG MORI Powertools for the automatic creation of programs in production engineering are a second example. In parallel with this, DMG MORI is vehemently reinforcing its app-based control and operating system CELOS with the continuous addition of new, targeted applications and solution packages.

​​​​​​​Up to 60% faster programming with Technology Cycles and Powertools from DMG MORI

Together with CELOS Machine, CELOS Manufacturing and Digital Factory, DMG MORI‘s “Path of Digitization” is oriented towards the stages of factory automation.

Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles support the user with dialogue-assisted workshop programming directly on the CNC controller with innovative tools in the fields of handling, measuring, machining and monitoring. The latest highlight is the intelligent grinding cycles for internal, external and face grinding, and real-time monitoring of the machining process for the utmost process safety and component quality.

In production engineering, customers also benefit from new and likewise exclusive DMG MORI Powertools for automatic CAM programming. In addition, 24 DMG MORI experts support the user in the introduction and optimization of CAM systems from SIEMENS NX, AUTODESK FeatureCAM and ESPRIT.

26 exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles support the user with dialogue-assisted workshop programming directly on the CNC controller.

​​​​​​​New: Technology Library
“Reliable production based on your expertise!” Is the motto for DMG MORI‘s new „Technology Library”. This enables hole sequences and tool technologies to be saved and retrieved at the press of a button. Recognized features are then specified with familiar tools and technology parameters. Finally, the cutting parameters authorized by the customer are automatically assigned in new programmes.

New: Adaptive Process
Customers keep control of quality with the new “Adaptive Process” CAM module. In conjunction with measuring probes and CNC, this enables components to be automatically aligned in the process from the programme in order to machine fits without errors and to record the results.

New: CAM Agent
The CAM Agent is the new CAM module from DMG MORI for the Based Manufacturing feature. Once component families have been learned in the CAD software, the appropriate NC programs are then automatically created while maintaining all previously defined sequences and technologies. Programmes are automatically matched to existing tools and technologies even when changing machines.

Powertool – Virtual Machine with new functions
The Virtual Machine ensures trouble-free machining and minimum setup times in practice. DMG MORI‘s unique 1:1 simulation has now been further improved with numerous new functions. Among other things, the simple transfer to the simulation software of clamping devices, zero points and table positions as well as tools and NC programs has been improved thanks to new DMG-MORI-specific interfaces. This now enables both efficient multi-machine operation and unmanned production to be carried out with maximum process safety.

CELOS – Basis and guarantee for success of continuous digitization

In production engineering, DMG MORI users benefit from exclusive Powertools for automatic CAM programming and from individual support by 24 DMG MORI experts.

DMG MORI has been revolutionizing the control and operation of its machine tools with CELOS since 2013. Since then, several thousand high-tech machines with CELOS have successfully been put into operation; more than 100 machines in the DMG MORI portfolio already “speak” CELOS – and the number is continuously rising. Users of all sizes and in all industries are therefore able to monitor, analyze and optimize the processes in their CELOS machine with the assistance of apps. The sequences in the machine environment can also be continuously controlled, monitored and organized with CELOS Manufacturing Solutions. And finally, thanks to standardized communications interfaces, CELOS users are today already 100% compatible with in-house company IT and production networks of the future.

In accordance with this classification, DMG MORI‘s spectrum of digital products and services is oriented towards three basic stages of factory automation:

  • CELOS Machine – „More than just smart“
  • CELOS Manufacturing – „Intelligent Workflow“
  • Digital Factory – „Excellence in Production

In addition, a core element of DMG MORI‘s future product strategy is pre-configured CELOS app solutions. At an attractive, all-inclusive price, they fulfil clearly defined core tasks in digitization, and thus make the introduction to digitalization easier for the customer. An example of this is the new CELOS PERFORMANCE Package for determining and visualizing machine states and parameters. This includes the CELOS CONDITION ANALYZER for analyzing machines and process signals, and the CELOS PERFORMANCE MONITOR for maximum transparency and monitoring of manufacturing parameters.

DMG MORI enhances expertise from the shop floor to the top floor with digital start-up.

Users of all sizes and in all industries are able to monitor, analyze and optimize processes and sequences in the machine and its environment with CELOS from DMG MORI. In addition, thanks to standardized communications interfaces, CELOS users are today already 100% compatible with in-house company IT and production networks of the future.

By focusing on the in-house core expertise in CELOS Machine and CELOS Manufacturing, DMG MORI is now also fast-tracking the digital innovation process along the supply chain and beyond industry borders. To this end, DMG MORI has acquired an interest in the start-up company ISTOS in Düsseldorf. ISTOS will be developing future-oriented projects for digital production for DMG MORI and potential customers, partners and suppliers. In collaboration with DMG MORI Software Solutions GmbH, ISTOS will also be supporting DMG MORI customers with services for fully integrated production processes in digitization. Furthermore, the first specific products and solution approaches are expected to be presented at EMO. 

Several thousand high-tech machines with CELOS have successfully been put into operation throughout the world and well over 100 machines in the DMG MORI portfolio already “speak” CELOS. These also include the new DMU 50 universal milling centre.

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