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01/23/2017|Open House Pfronten 2017

With CELOS and intelligent automation to the digital factory of the future

To kick off the new year DMG MORI will be demonstrating again its innovative strength at its traditional Open House event.

As has become tradition, the focus of the DMG MORI Open House event at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten from 14th to 18th February 2017 will be on the latest innovations and ground-breaking technologies. On an exhibition area of over 8.500 m² the machine tool manufacturer will be showcasing 80 high-tech machines live in operation, including three world premieres – the LASERTEC 75 Shape, the 3rd generation DMU 50 and the CLX 350 – as well as highlights from the die & mould, aerospace and medical branches. The tone will once again be set by the omnipresent topic “Digital Factory” at this year’s event in Pfronten. For DMG MORI Industry 4.0 in process and product means supporting customers with software in every process step. In the Showcase CELOS Factory DMG MORI will be presenting the complete process chain – from the idea to the finished product. Highlights of power tools, CELOS, and Industry 4.0 machine will be presented demonstrating the production of a component right through to the intelligent machine. Additionally, new automation solutions will be showcased like Robo2Go and a flexible production system with LPP linear pallet pool.

Digital Factory: Connectivity and digital production on the path to Industry 4.0

OH Pfronten 2017 Preview CELOS
DMG MORI is promoting CELOS as an integral digitisation platform on the path to the era of Industry 4.0.

“Industry 4.0” is dominating the discussion of the future like no other topic. As the world’s leading manufacturer of machine tools, DMG MORI supports its customers on their path to consistent digitalisation based on the app-based control and operater system CELOS with intelligent software solutions and a lot of digital products and services. By now every fourth machine is thanks to CELOS compatible with the future.

Due to continuous development of further future-orientated applications CELOS ensures the seamless introduction of software solutions for Industry 4.0.The CELOS CONDITION ANALYZER, for example, captures the status data of the machine tool. When combined with diverse Industry 4.0 sensor packages in turning and milling the user has, on the one hand, perfect software tools for monitoring the machine status and machining process which can analyse performance and status in real time directly on the machine control or externally via the CELOS PC. On the other hand, can derive decisive knowledge for a reliable “predictive maintenance” solution from longterm evaluation based on APPs. This means customers save maintenance costs and have an effective tool for preventing unplanned downtimes to the greatest possible extent as well as boosting the efficiency of their production systems.

Robo2Go: Integral solutions for automated production

Robo2Go by DMG MORI
DMG MORI will be presenting Robo2Go, a mobile automation system for lathes with simplest programming via a CELOS APP.

​​​​​​​Automation belongs to the key elements of a holistic CELOS factory of the future. With its new loading and unloading system Robo2Go DMG MORI shows how this hurdle can be overcome already now.

The mobile Robo2Go system excels, on the one hand, through its flexibility. Within a very short time it can be used on different lathes of the customer if required with the aid of a lifting device, which of course maximises investment security. The system also allows permanent free accessibility to the machine tool.

After adaption to the lathe the system, on the other hand, can be programmed easily with a few entries via a special CELOS APP right at the control. This keeps setup times to a minimum and optimises the utilisation rate. This completely parameter-based and therefore very simple way of programming the robot enables especially smaller firms entry into flexible automation.

Production system with an LLP linear pallet pool

OH Pfronten 2017 Preview
In Pfronten DMG MORI will demonstrate its competence in automation with an example of a flexible automated production system comprising the two horizontal machining centres NHX 5000 and DMC 60 H linear plus an LPP 24 linear pallet pool system.

Another highlight at the Open House with regard to automation is a flexible automated production system. The centrepieces of the impressive production system are the two horizontal machining centres NHX 5000 and DMC 60 H linear plus the LPP 24 linear pallet pool system, from which the two horizontal centres are fed with workpieces automatically.

The LPP-24 system on show in Pfronten offers storage space for 24 pallets on two levels. Thanks to the modular design of the LPP system, storage can be expanded optionally to accommodate 99 pallets, whereby several standardised configuration options ensure a high level of individual adaptability. Up to eight machines, for example, combined with maximum five setup stations can be connected even in the standard version. Further modifications are also available as special customised configurations. This makes the pallet pool systems of the LPP family the key to flexible automation for small and medium-sized series. Where necessary, one-off orders can be incorporated easily into the automatic process flow without reducing the overall productivity of the system as a whole.

World premiere: LASERTEC 75 Shape Sophisticated laser texturing on a compact footprint

The LASERTEC 75 Shape enables sophisticated laser texturing on a compact footprint.

With its LASERTEC 75 Shape DMG MORI expands its portfolio in laser texturing of defined, technical surface structures by means of layer by layer material removal using a 3D laser. The machine is equipped with a 100 W fibre laser and CELOS for simplest operation and full integration in the company organization.

With a footprint of just 8 m² the LASERTEC 75 Shape is ideally suited for the tightest of production environments but nevertheless offering a work area that can handle workpieces with diameters of ø 650 mm and heights of 500 mm. The NC swivel-rotary table is designed for components weighing up to 600 kg. The LASERTEC 75 Shape masters fast texturing, even in 3D free-form, with no problem at all thanks to contour-parallel laser shaping, which in turn does away with the need for any expensive, environmentally harmful etching. The modern control philosophy based on the SIEMENS 840 D solutionline plus user-friendly LASERSOFT software features round off the offer of the new model.

World premiere: DMU 50 3rd Generation With enhanced technology for 5-axis applications now in its third generation

DMU 50 3rd Generation
The compact 3rd generation DMU 50 sets new standards in simultaneous 5-side to 5-axis machining.

The new DMU 50 3rd Generation from DMG MORI combines more 20 years of experience in 5-axis milling with unique future technologies and sets new standards in simultaneous 5-side to 5-axis machining. With its enlarged swivel range, more powerful spindle and its innovative cooling concept, the world premiere ensures competitive ability in many areas of application for demanding branches such as the aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

A travel path of 650 x 520 x 475 mm and workpiece weights of up to 300 kg mean the new 3rd generation DMU 50 covers a wide range of components. Its new NC swivel-rotary table with an enlarged swivel range of -35°/+110° boosts this versatility. A rapid traverse of 42 m/min and 30 rpm in the swivel-rotary axis ensure the dynamics for simultaneous 5-side to 5-axis machining. The user has the choice of motor spindles with speeds up to 20,000 rpm in addition to the 12,000-rpm inline spindle. Also available as an option is an expanded tool magazine with up to 120 pockets. There are 30 tool pockets in the standard version. The 3rd generation DMU 50 achieves a degree of precision that is unbeatable in this segment thanks to its one-piece machine bed on the one hand and on the other its innovative cooling of the guides and drives.

World premiere: CLX 350 Highly-productive universal turning center for a broad range of applications

OH Pfronten 2017 Preview
As a highly-productive universal turning center for a broad range of applications, the new CLX 350 expands the DMG MORI portfolio of basic machines.

As the latest model in this segment, the CLX 350 universal turning center expands the portfolio of high-performance basic machines from DMG MORI. In its standard version this compact model, with a footprint of less than 5 m², machines bar material of Ø 51 mm – with Ø 65 mm also available as an option. The maximum turning diameter of the CLX 350 is 320 mm. It has travel paths of 242.5 mm in the X-axis and 530 mm in the Z-axis. The VDI 30 servo turret has space for twelve tools – powered as an option. This all adds up to make the CLX 350 an efficient and highly-productive universal turning for a multitude of different applications.

With a speed of 5,000 rpm the highly-dynamic spindle can machine complex, high-quality components and guarantees maximum precision and accuracy of the workpiece. The labyrinth structure and air cooling prevent the penetration of coolant thus promising a high level of productivity and a long life cycle. The replacement cartridge means the spindle can be changed quickly and simply, even during servicing. The ball screw, with a tolerance class of IT 1, also plays a key role where precision and outstanding surface quality are concerned. The compact and stable design of the machine ensures maximum rigidity, even in the boundary areas of machining, as well as optimum chip removal. Thanks to its 19” multi-touch control from SIEMENS, the CLX 350 also offers the user fast and simple operation combined with perfect ergonomics and compact dimensions.

duoBLOCK FDS: Best surface quality thanks to the integration of grinding technology

 Thanks to the integration of grinding technology, users achieve best surface qualities with the duoBLOCK FDS.
Thanks to the integration of grinding technology, users achieve best surface qualities with the duoBLOCK FDS.

After setting standards in technology integration with mill-turn technology for almost two decades, the machine tool manufacturer has now expanded its portfolio in this field to include a new variant with milling, turning and grinding (F-mill D-turn S-grind) capabilities. So as of now the integration of grinding technology is available for all machines in the DMU / DMC FD duoBLOCK series, thus guaranteeing top surface qualities of up to 0.4 µm. Milling, turning and grinding are carried out in a single setup, so deviations resulting from retooling are also eliminated.

DMG MORI supports the grinding process of the FDS models in the duoBLOCK series with DMG MORI technology cycles for internal, external and face grinding. Truing cycles expand the range of functions. Also new is an AE sensor (Acoustic, Emission) that guarantees maximum reliability and accuracy by detecting the first contact between the grinding wheel and the truing unit. The first contact between the grinding wheel and the component is also determined via the spindle load factor. DMG MORI has equipped the 1,300-liter coolant unit of the FDS machines with a centrifugal filter that catches even the finest particles (> 10 µm) from the grinding process.

Customer First – the 5 service promises of DMG MORI

DMG MORI guarantees customers maximum service quality at fair prices with five service promises.
DMG MORI guarantees customers maximum service quality at fair prices with five service promises.

Innovative and efficient machine tools are just as important in the manufacturing sector as the absolute reliability of production technology. And that is exactly what the DMG MORI manufacturer service guarantees with its extensive offer. With its maximum service quality and fair prices the machine tool manufacturer puts the customer first and underscores its customer orientation with five service promises:

  • Best-price guarantee for OEM spare parts
  • Spindle service at best prices directly from the manufacturer
  • Significantly reduced service costs thanks to our new call-out fee
  • All-round carefree with full service agreements
  • Overhaul – 100% restoration of performance capacity

For DMG MORI the technological evolution of its product portfolio goes hand-in-hand with the continuous optimisation of its service offer. Regular feedback from customers – which the machine supplier heeds and most especially responds to – plays a key role here. With five service promises DMG MORI wishes to satisfy the high demands of its customers for service quality at fair prices.

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