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02/01/2016|Open House Pfronten 2016 - DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation

Versatile with long-term accuracy

DMG MORI now also presents the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK as the largest model in the series featuring the improvements of the fourth duoBLOCK generation.

World premiere: DMU 160 P duoBLOCK

With 30 percent enhanced precision, performance and efficiency DMG MORI has set new standards with the fourth duoBLOCK generation. As the largest model in the series DMG MORI will also be presenting the revised version of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation at the Open House in Pfronten. Thanks to its proven duoBLOCK design the 5-axis machine enables top machining performance and maximum precision with impressive dynamics. From hard-to-machine materials such as titanium to the highest surface quality requirement – the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation offers the ideal conditions for branches ranging from aerospace to tool and mould making.

The extensive cooling measures together with the top rigidity of the of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation concept are the basis for the very highest demands on precision and machining performance. Cooled guideways and drives plus the optional spindle growth sensor ensure minimum thermal-related displacement of just 12 µm. Numerous features of the basic structure also promote the high long-term accuracy of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation. These include large linear guideways in all axes and standard double wipers as well as the re-designed ball screw principle in the X- and Y-axes. In addition, the geometry of the Y-axis has been improved by means of an optimised fixator position. Fixation of the standard Magnescale measuring system in the Y-axis on a carbon plate has optimised the measuring accuracy thus resulting in a more exact positioning accuracy of the table.

Gearbox housing of a helicopter

s the largest model in the series the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation has also been given a larger the work area. This now measures 1,600 x 1,600 x 1,100 mm. Table dimensions are Ø 1,600 x 1,250 mm and the maximum workpiece weight has been increased to 4,500 kg. Productive and dynamic 5-axis machining is effected with rapid traverses of up to 60 m/min in all axes. The acceleration rates in the X, Y and Z-direction are 6 m/s², 4 m/s² and 7 m/s² respectively.

The modular concept of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation offers an ideal solution for every application – starting with the innovative wheel magazine, which in its largest expansion stage can accommodate 453 tools (SK40/HSK63) and on to include the most extensive range of spindles to be found anywhere on the market. The offer here ranges from the powerMASTER motor spindle with up to 1,000 Nm to the gear spindles with max. 1,800 Nm and on to include the speedMASTER spindles with their impressive speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. The standard version of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation comes equipped with a motor spindle that achieves a speed on 15,000 rpm and a torque of 200 Nm.

The DMU 160 P duoBLOCK 4th generation appears completely revised in the new joint design from DMG MORI, which embodies quality and value retention and offers functional added value in work ergonomics thanks to optimised accessibility. CELOS is used for its control. This uniform app-based user interface with its unique multi-touch screen is as simple to operate as a smartphone. As a result, users benefit from a 30 percent saving in setup time and 50 percent less effort for calculating technical values and searching for important information.

Highlights of the 4th generation DMU 160 P duoBLOCK

  • Simplest operation and holistic integration in the corporate organisation thanks to CELOS
  • Powerful 15,000 rpm speedMASTER spindle with 35 kW and 130 Nm (40 % DC) in the standard version
  • Precision: maximum component accuracy due to completely water-cooled feed drive
  • Performance: duoBLOCK concept with a high level of rigidity for maximum machining performance with the powerMASTER 1000 motor spindle with its max. 1,000 Nm torque and 77 kW output
  • Efficiency: Reduced energy consumption thanks to intelligent needs-based units
  • Fast innovative wheel magazine that achieves 0.5-second tool changeover times and holds up to 453 tools while requiring the smallest possible footprint

*Only in combination with CELOS on SIEMENS control