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02/01/2016|Open House Pfronten 2016 - CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd generation

The ultimate benchmark for Turn & Mill

DMG MORI is presenting the CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd generation as the largest model in the series in a completely revised version and featuring the compact compactMASTER turn-mill spindle.

World premiere: 2nd generation CTX gamma 3000 TC

The trend towards complete machining continues unbroken. On the one hand, the diversity of products and variants is growing across a multitude of different branches and this in turn leads to a reduction in lot sizes on an increasingly wider scale. In view of such conditions, complete machining in a single setup quickly becomes the only economic alternative. On the other hand, the workpieces are getting more and more complex while at the same time placing higher demands on precision. Added to this global competition is aggravating the earnings situation in manufacturing plants. DMG MORI has been revolutionising turn-mill complete machining with its turn & mill machines in the CTX TC series ever since their first appearance eight years ago. This series of production all-rounders has meanwhile reached its 2nd generation and is now rounded off with the CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd generation.

The CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd generation now follows in the footsteps of its smaller sister models, which DMG MORI already produces in the 2nd generation. With a turning length of 3,050 mm, it is the largest turn & mill complete machining center in the completely revised series from DMG MORI. Like its smaller sister models, the machine tool manufacturer has also equipped this latest model with the new compactMASTER mill-turn spindle, which with 220 Nm achieves a 120 percent higher torque.

With a diameter of 202 mm the length of the compactMASTER spindle has been reduced by 70 mm, so that it now measures only 450 mm. The interplay of the 150 mm larger X-axis – travel path 800 mm – and the 20 mm longer Y-travel of ± 210 mm brings an enormous gain in freedom for users. It means, for example, that radial machining of workpieces with maximum diameters of 700 mm is possible with 170 mm long tools (with the B-axis in a vertical position).

The core element of the 2nd generation CTX gamma 3000 TC is still the B-axis with its swivel angle of ±120°, which is mounted on a highly stable travelling column and ensures milling performance right through to the field of 5-axis simultaneous machining. The machine concept has been radically revised with just such stability and precision in mind. Now the machine has an integral thermal concept. This includes, among other things, integrated bed cooling as well as cooling of the linear guides of the travelling column, the spindle motors and the drive of the B-axis. The thermal displacement of the machine is now ≤ 10 µm. The magnetic measuring system from MAGNESCALE with its resolution of 0.01 µm boosts the high precision of the machine even further. In addition, DMG MORI has completely redesigned the travelling column. The U-shaped basic construction with 3+2 guide shoes in the Z-axis increases stability enormously, a feature that has a great impact on machining with the Y-axis. Linearity has been improved here by over 60 percent to now stand at ≤ 2 µm. Another indication of the innovative character of the machine is the up to 65 percent faster feed rates of 50 m/min in all axes. The machine can also be optionally equipped with a linear drive for the Z-axis, which with 1 g acceleration increases the feed to 60 m/min and ensures maximum long-term accuracy – including a 5-year warranty granted for the linear drive.

With regard to other equipment features, the 2nd generation CTX gamma 3000 TC is equipped with 36 tool pockets in its standard version. This capacity can be increased optionally to 80, 120 or 180 tools. Added to this, is the option of an additional magazine, which can accommodate oversized tools with lengths of up to 700 mm. Where tool holders are concerned the customer has the choice of a standard HSK-A63 or a Capto C6, Capto C8 or HSK-A100. In addition, the optional counter-spindle opens up the possibility of up to 5-axis simultaneous 6-sided complete machining even for the most complex workpieces. Equipping the CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd generation with the optional lower turret as a second tool mount for powered tools with up to 10,000 rpm transforms it into a veritable 5-axis production center. Optional steady rests up to SLU 6 with maximum clamping diameters of 500 mm can be used instead of the second tool mount for the machining of shafts.

As turn & mill machining involves extremely complex processes, DMG MORI also focuses in its development work on the operation and programming of the turn-mill equipment. Exclusive technology cycles for, among other things, 5-axis machining in the field of application-related shopfloor programming have already simplified the work involved enormously. Parameterised context menus enabling simple input of the parameters in the dialog box as well as pre-defined and easy to learn input screens mean that advanced programming skills are hardly required any more, not even in the turn & mill field. Another example in this context is the new DMG MORI gearSKIVING cycle.

This enables eight times faster programming and top quality production up to DIN 7 of both straight-cut as well as helical-cut outer and inner spur gears and spline shaft gearing compared to gear shaping. Even toothing on shoulders can be realised without any damage to the projecting edge, while surface structures for low-noise gears are possible virtually at the press of a button.

Where operation of the turn & mill machining centers is concerned DMG MORI has provided the machines with enormous system intelligence with CELOS – based on an Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS – and its 16 APPs; this relieves the operator of many problems as well as guiding him through the daily work by means of stored job order and work plans that can be visualized. Both young and old quickly learn to manage the dialog-based app operation and intuitive CELOS structure. In addition, new employees are very quickly able to operate the 2nd generation CTX gamma 3000 TC without any great need of training. CELOS also offers the possibility of using a SMARTkey to organise individual access rights in such a way that only selected CELOS APPs are made available to employees in accordance with their qualification.

This makes CELOS a future-proof key for transition to the Industry 4.0 age. Because with CELOS job order, process and machine data can be managed, documented and visualized via a common user interface for workshop and office. In addition, CELOS enables an open exchange of information with higher-level network structures via defined interfaces and as a result complete integration of a DMG MORI machine in the company organisation.

Highlights of the CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd generation

  • compactMASTER – 120 % higher torque of 220 Nm with a 70 mm shorter length
  • 150 mm longer X-travel and 20 mm longer Y-travel for more flexibility in radial machining
  • Tools with a length of 700 mm in the additional magazine* and lengths up to 550 mm in the chain magazine*, max. 180 pockets
  • 4,000 Nm max. torque on the main spindle, 2,200 Nm in the standard version
  • MAGNESCALE – maximum precision thanks to a magnetic measuring system with a resolution of 0.01 μm
  • CELOS with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS – up to 30 % faster setup times thanks to holistic integration of the machine in the company organisation