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03/31/2015|Open House Pfronten 2015 - DMU 100 P duoBLOCK | DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK

30 % more precision, performance and efficiency

With the DMU 100 P duoBLOCK as well as the DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK, DMG MORI presents two world premieres of the 4th generation.

DMU 100 P duoBLOCK
DMU 100 P duoBLOCK

On the occasion of the open house event at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten, DMG MORI expands the series of the duoBLOCK of the 4th generation with two fascinating world premieres. This includes the universal milling machine DMU 100 P duoBLOCK with its outstanding milling performance, which impresses with its powerful heavy-duty chip removal as well as regarding the precise all-round functionality. Furthermore, the DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK as second world premiere introduces its users to the flexible as well as productive possibilities of turn-mill machining with automatic pallet changing.

The 5-axis machines with highly stable duoBLOCK design with 30 % more precision, performance and efficiency enable highest machining performance and maximum component accuracy with high dynamics. From extremely hard materials like in the aerospace industry to the highest of surface quality demands, for example in tool and mould making, the duoBLOCK machines of the 4th generation thus provide the best prerequisites in any case.

The overall rigidity of the duoBLOCK design which is increased by 30 % was achieved by way of FEM analysis of the structure and strengthened components. This includes amongst others the size 50 ball-thread drives in all axes, size 55 linear guides in the Y-axis, larger YRT bearings in the B- and C-axis as well as the optimized 3-point support for shortest commissioning times and best chip removal conditions.

The accuracy values, which are improved by 30 % compared to the previous version, are achieved on the one hand through the high stability and on the other an intelligent temperature management. Extensive cooling measures are now part of the standard equipment for the motors in the B and C-axes, the motor spindle and the headstock housing as well as for linear guideways, ball-thread drives and bearings in the X, Y and Z-axes and last but not least for the servo motors in the Y and Z-axes. A precision package is optionally available with cooling of the X-axis motor, the gear in C- and A-axis, the ball-thread drive nuts in X / Y / Z as well as a bed cooling. In addition, a thermal shield reduces negative temperature effects from the machine’s environment.

Another benefit of the duoBLOCK principle are the extensive building blocks for customized complete solutions in a wide range of applications. The choice of spindles, for example, includes ideal versions for all areas, from high-speed through to heavy duty machining – including the motor spindle powerMASTER 1000 with 1,000 Nm torque at 9,000 rpm or the drive spindle available from quarter 4/2015 up to 1,300 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

Another novelty is the modular wheel magazine with up to 453 tool positions, which can be loaded in parallel to main production and idle times and requires little space due to a footprint reduced by 41%. Short provisioning times of max. 5.6 seconds and changeover times of 0.5 seconds also increase productivity of the duoBLOCK machines.

In future, the most recent new developments will benefit from the cited basic properties of the reviewed duoBLOCK now in its 4th generation. As classical universal machine, the DMU 100 duoBLOCK provides its users with traverse paths in the X-, Y- and Z-axis of 1,000 x 1,250 x 1,000 mm, with a size of the NC round table of ø 1,100 x 900 mm. The maximum workpiece weight is 2,200 kg.

In addition, the DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK provides its customers with a unique turn-mill performance for workpieces up to 2,000 kg with a work area of 1,250 x 1,250 x 1,000 mm. Furthermore, the automatic disk changer increases productivity due to the option of tooling parallel to production time.



Like all new high-tech machines, the two world premieres in the duoBLOCK area feature CELOS from DMG MORI as standard user interface. CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data on a large 21.5” multi-touch screen of the ERGOline Control. Furthermore, operation of the machine is simplified, standardized and automated.

The most recent CELOS version with 4 new APPs will be supplied from April 2015. The CELOS PC version is also new. It is used by customers to optimally plan and control their production process directly during work preparation. In addition, any machines or equipment can be incorporated in an integral CELOS periphery with the CELOS PC version.

Highlights of the duoBLOCK 4. Generation

  • Performance: up to 30 % more rigidity for maximum cutting performance
  • Efficiency: up to 30 % reduction in energy consumption thanks to intelligent needs-based units
  • Maximum flexibility and shortest machining times thanks to the new B-axis with 20% higher rigidity and integrated cable track
  • Fast and intelligent wheel magazine with 0.5-second tool changeover times and up to 453 tools with minimal footprint
  • CELOS from DMG MORI for the fastest and most intelligent route from the idea to the finished product