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03/31/2015|Open House Pfronten 2015 - DMC 270 U

Highly productive large part machining up to 9t with pallet changer

With its DMC 270 U, DMG MORI presents a new universal machining centre offering maximum precision and highest dynamics


Just the number of more than 1,000 DECKEL MAHO gantry machines sold in the last 15 years is unique in the heavy machine construction industry. The new DMC 270 U from DMG MORI extends the product range in this field by a new highly productive universal machining centre. The 5-axis machine with high-stability portal design enables maximum precision at highest dynamics. A fast and space-saving pallet changer in connection with the high flexibility of the basic machine forms the basis for efficient production. Pallet loads up to 9t, setting up in parallel with production, further automation options and best possible accessibility of work area, setup station as well as maintenance facilities are additional success factors. Furthermore, peak values with regard to precision are achieved by the machine’s extremely high degree of inherent rigidity as well as constant complete machine tempering.

2.4 times more working space

Compared with the DMC 210 U, the DMC 270 U with travel distances of 2,700 x 2,700 x 1,600 mm in X / Y / Z increases these by 50% in the transverse direction and by approx. 30 % each in the longitudinal and vertical direction. The pallet size of the DMC 270 U is at 2,000 x 2,000 mm compared to 1,600 x 1,400 mm for the smaller sister model. The work area is 235% larger. The interference contours are also improved thanks to the newly designed milling head. A further advantage is that the space requirement has been kept low by appropriate design of the additional components. The maximum dimensions of workpieces are increased to a respectable 3,000 mm diameter and 1,600 mm height with a permissible workpiece weight of now 9,000 kg. These are absolutely tiptop figures in this machine class.

Maximum cutting performance thanks to optimum rigidity and dynamic

The inherently rigid structure of the proven gantry machine concept with vertically traversable crossbeam and hydraulic weight compensation has been further enhanced. To this end, the basic machine is made entirely of high-quality castings (GGG60). The newly designed B-axis milling head with a swivel range which has been extended from 210° to 250° with the option of swivelling by 70° in the negative direction and the larger B-axis bearing result in a milling head housing with 15% higher rigidity which is more application-oriented. The extended swivel range and improved interference contour with greater reach together with the cable drag chain incorporated into the housing open up even more possible applications. Increased interest in the DECKEL MAHO gantry machine concept is therefore noticeable in various sectors which focus on the likes of tool making, mould making and mechanical engineering, the aerospace industry, energy management and medical engineering.

The newly developed B-axis works in conjunction with a likewise more rigid and more accurately positioning NC rotary table. With a larger bearing and improved clamping, this provides a holding torque of 57,000 Nm and is driven at an increased maximum speed of up to 14 rpm by means of two new compact gearboxes which are electrically braced. As well as the higher B-axis swivel speed and the enhanced NC table, the new DMCU 270 U offers high dynamics and therefore also sets standards in its class.

The new powerMASTER 1000 motorized spindle with 9,000 rpm, a maximum of 77 kW and 1,000 Nm torque guarantees effective heavy-duty chip removal. In addition to the standard SK 50 / HSK-A 100 motor spindle with 12,000 rpm, 44 kW and 288 Nm torque, five further motor spindles are available as an option – including a moulding spindle with 15,000 rpm with 52 kW at 404 Nm or the 35 kW motor spindle with HSK 63 fixture and a maximum of 18,000 rpm for high speed cutting. The larger-than-average range of main drives is supplemented by the offer of the HSK-A100 geared spindles with 1,550 Nm at 6,300 rpm and 44 kW. As an alternative to the B-axis arrangement, the range of gantry machine modules includes an A-axis milling head housing with swivel axis parallel to the X-axis which accommodates the appropriate motor spindles.

Maximum temperature stability and 20% higher rigidity lead to highest possible accuracy

In conjunction with the high machine rigidity, a constant overall machine temperature control with the cooling of all internal heat sources on the DMC 270 U leads to a further improved positioning accuracy of the standard machine of Pmax < 14 µm. For this purpose, compre-hensive and new cooling measures have been implemented on all ball-thread drives, the housing and motors of the main and feed drives, all linear axes, and the B and C-axis of milling head and rotary table. In addition, insulation at the rear of the electrical cabinet shields any heat produced, and together with improved electrical cabinet cooling therefore prevents any negative effects.

Universal productivity for gantry machines redefined

The DMG MORI modules for the DMU 270 P gantry machine enable production and idle times to be further reduced and provide an additional range of automation equipment. The consequential growth in universality and productivity for 5-axis milling and the (optional) combina-tion with turning operations in a single setup form the basis for a significantly extended range of applications. The wheel magazine, similar to the 4th generation duoBLOCK machines, enables rapid tool changeover. An upgrade for the standard wheel with 63 pockets to 123, 183 or 243 pockets in the version with four wheels enables the machine to be ideally matched to customer requirements. The wheel magazine is also extremely compact, which results in minimal space requirement for the inherently rigid gantry machine. The productivity of the gantry machine is also improved by the increase in NC table speed in fast traverse mode and the accelerated swivelling of the milling head already mentioned. Additional automation devices, such as the use of a pallet magazine or the coupling of several DMC 270 U gantry milling centres with linear pallet magazine to manufacturing systems, are also available.

The new DMC 270 U saves energy

Energy savings have also been implemented by means of specific measures with the newly developed DMC 270 U. The enhanced and optimized machine temperature control necessitates the exclusive use of highly efficient, energy-saving cooling units. In addition, the cooling power required at any particular time is automatically adjusted to the instantaneous cooling requirement of the machines. Likewise, the pumps, such as the cooling lubricant pumps, are classed as energy efficient thanks to speed controllers. An automatic power display, for example on the CELOS interface, not only shows the machine operator the current energy consumption but also prompts the appropriate savings.

New DMG MORI design as prerequisite for optimum ergonomics and user-friendliness

The large work area of the DMC 270 U with a volume of 11.7 m³ can be easily accessed. The DMC 270 U is even more attractive with the new DMG MORI design. The improved view of the work area makes for user-friendly machine ergonomics for effective setup and in automatic mode. If it should be necessary to change a window, this can be carried out from the outside in a service-friendly manner. The DMC 270 U is presented together with CELOS with 21.5“ ERGOline and SIEMENS. CELOS from DMG MORI simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product, CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data. CELOS is compatible with PPS and ERP systems, can be networked with CAD / CAM applications and is ready for future-oriented CELOS APP extensions. As standard, the machine is equipped with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline including 19“ ERGOline.

Highlights of the DMC 270 U

  • Large work area for workpieces with diameters up to 3,000 x 1,600 mm and weights of up to 9,000 kg
  • 50 % higher dynamics thanks to new drive technology on NC rotary table
  • Wheel magazine as standard for main and auxiliary tooling (from two wheels)
  • The B-axis with optimized interference contour, integrated cable carrier and a swivel range of 250°
  • Highly productive machining with the motor spindle powerMASTER 1000 with max. 1,000 Nm and 77 kW
  • Perfect roughing and finishing operations thanks to the moulding spindle with 15,000 rpm with 52 kW at 404 Nm in conjunction with HSK-A100 interface and Spindle Growth Sensor (SGS)
  • High precision with 12 μm by way of intelligent temperature management and 3-point support