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03/31/2015|Open House Pfronten 2015 - CELOS from DMG MORI

Milestones of the CELOS revolution

DMG MORI presents CELOS with 4 new APPs. And for the first time also as PC version for the continuous production planning on the PC in work preparation with direct connection to the machines.


CELOS provides a uniform user interface for all new high-tech machines from DMG MORI. CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data on a unique 21.5” multi-touch screen. Furthermore, operation of the machine is simplified, standardized and automated.

The most recent CELOS version with now 16 APPs will be supplied from April 2015. Included in this are four new APPs, which will be presented for the first time at the open house exhibition of DECKEL MAHO in Pfronten. The CELOS PC version is also new. It is used by customers to optimally plan and control their production process directly during work preparation. In addition, any machines or equipment can be incorporated in an integral CELOS periphery with the CELOS PC version.

Furthermore, CELOS links the machine with higher-level company structures in a unique way, thus creating the basis for consistent digitalized and paperless production. Through direct coupling of ERP / PPS and PDM, users get to the product 30 % faster with CELOS. CELOS is thus setting standards and responds to Industry 4.0.

The 4 new CELOS APPs

Similar to a Smartphone, users have direct access to all available applications via the CELOS APP MENU. The APPs are divided into five groups for production, utilities, support, configu-ration and machine views. The four new CELOS APPs specifically target further improvement of job preparation and company organisation here, and an optimized applications and service planning of the DMG MORI machines.

Increase of machine availability by way of intelligent maintenance system.

  • Overview of all maintenance tasks on the machine
  • Advance notice of all scheduled maintenance and service activities
  • Display of all required spare parts and equipment
  • Support during implementation 

Shorter tooling times due to target/actual comparisons of the magazine assignment for follow-up jobs.

  • Intuitive overview of all tools registered on the control
  • Display of all tools required for a job including automatic creation of a loading list
  • Creation of an unloading list through automatic detection of all tools not required for the next jobs 

Production planning for all machines.

  • Record, manage and schedule individual jobs for production
  • Assign and transfer jobs to machine(s)
  • Overview of complete order status on all machines 

So that you know at any time what is happening in your production!

  • Clear machine live status of all networked machines
  • Detail view of each individual machine including machine history
  • Evaluation of machine operating time, downtimes and failure 

CELOS as PC version


In addition to the 4 new CELOS APPS, with the new PC version DMG MORI extends the range of applications and services of its revolutionary software once again. Once users have installed CELOS on their PC, all CELOS functions will be instantly available to them. The new CELOS version is used by customers to optimally plan and control their production process directly during work preparation.

The CELOS PC version also provides the opportunity to incorporate any machine or equipment in an integral CELOS periphery. For this purpose, the CELOS PC version must simply be made available close to the machine in order to be able to retrieve the order data here for the respective machines in production. Planning and production become one with the CELOS PC version. This already provides users with a response to the requirements of the future project Industry 4.0.