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03/19/2024|Connectivity by DMG MORI 

Digital interoperability for the networked shop floor

Connectivity by DMG MORI lays the foundation for the horizontal and vertical integration of manufacturing in digital ecosystems such as CELOS X and in data-based knowledge and value creation processes in general.

DMG MORI has established itself as a digital pioneer for its customers in the CNC manufacturing industry by promoting digital transformation and in particular by offering comprehensive connectivity solutions with "Connectivity by DMG MORI". The offering aims to redefine the structure of manufacturing processes by paving the way to integrate digital technologies to drive efficiency, productivity, innovation and environmental sustainability. DMG MORI's integrative, cross-technology and cross-manufacturer approach underscores its commitment to breaking down digital barriers and enabling manufacturing companies to realize the full potential of the CELOS X ecosystem and their digital transformation.

Connectivity by DMG MORI is essential for digital transformation because complete connectivity enables the far-reaching potential of digital applications and data-based services on the shop floor to be tapped.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of CNC manufacturing, digitization is seen as leading the way to greater efficiency, productivity, innovation and environmental sustainability in manufacturing. In the midst of this change DMG MORI has put itself in a leading position with Machining Transformation (MX) and especially with Digital Transformation (DX). The offering for open and cross-system connectivity from the machine to the cloud-based IoT platform is a key feature.

Connectivity by DMG MORI is therefore essential for the digital transformation. Because only complete connectivity opens up holistic interoperability and access to the data that can be used to exploit the far-reaching potential of digital applications and data-based services on the shop floor and beyond. This applies to condition monitoring and analysis systems or planning applications based on machine and process data, as well as any ambitions in the area of predictive maintenance or digital support for employees in their day-to-day tasks.

“Thanks to the openness of Connectivity by DMG MORI, almost any machine, manufacturing system and workstation can now be integrated into the digital value chain across manufacturers and technologies,” emphasizes Dr. Tommy Kuhn, Managing Director of DMG MORI Digital GmbH. This means that even older machines can be connected to the production network. To enable this level of openness, transparency, efficiency and adaptability in the digital manufacturing environment, DMG MORI offers three precisely coordinated connectivity solutions for every manufacturing infrastructure: IoTconnector, IoTconnector retrofit and IoTconnector flex. All status messages and other signals are transmitted via the interfaces or standard protocols of OPC UA, MTConnect and MQTT, depending on customer preference.

The IoTconnector is the standard connectivity component for all new DMG MORI machines and provides the standard machine data interfaces. The IoTconnector retrofit connects older DMG MORI machines built up to 2013 with the production network. The range of services includes the Digital Manufacturing Package with MachineDataConnector, NETservice and MESSENGER. Finally, the IoTconnector flex can be used to integrate DMG MORI machine tools built before 2013 as well as third-party products and complementary devices, for example for cleaning, measuring or deburring, into the data cycle. Basically, these connectivity solutions pave the way for entry into the world of data ecosystems such as CELOS X.

The MONITORING offering is one of the entry-level offerings in the world of factory digitization. This makes it possible to record the status of networked machines at a glance. The system also provides information on the current production status. Furthermore, by analyzing the sensor data collected, machine downtimes can even be largely avoided, which increases planning reliability and boosts productivity. In further expansion stages of the digital transformation, manufacturing processes can be further optimized through seamless integration and communication between different systems and devices. Some further examples from DMG MORI's digital starter portfolio are:

Device management

In future, software updates will be provided centrally via Connectivity by DMG MORI. Customers will benefit immediately from software improvements and new functions. It also enables regular security updates for virus protection and firewall on the IoTconnector, IoTconnector retrofit and IoTconnector flex.

Messenger V4

The MESSENGER is used for the centralized visualization of the current machine status and historical status information. This enables the evaluation of machine runtimes, downtimes and alarms through configurable dashboards and increases transparency in production (e.g. through email notifications for definable events). Thanks to an open REST API, nothing stands in the way of exchanging machine data with other customer software systems. MESSENGER is basically designed so that it can be installed on a customer PC or server. The application can then be accessed via a web browser – and therefore also via mobile devices.

So, whether through the IoTconnector, the IoTconnector retrofit or the IoTconnector flex: All connectivity solutions from DMG MORI are proof of the convincing integrative approach to networking production with data-based ecosystems such as CELOS X. By holistically breaking down the barriers to digitalization and providing standard solutions for the networked store floor as part of Connectivity by DMG MORI, DMG MORI is not only responding to the digital transformation, it is leading it.

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