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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - World premiere: NTX 2500 2nd Generation

6-sided complete machining with the compactMASTER 122 Nm Turn & Mill spindle

Thanks to the compactMASTER Turn & Mill spindle and the additional revolver including Y-axis, the NTX 2500 2nd Generation provides maximum productivity on a footprint of just 16.3 m².

  • Smallest footprint in its class: 16.3 m²
  • Main spindle (10” chuck) with 4,000 rpm and max. 599 Nm, optionally also available with 8” and 12” chuck
  • Large work area due to the compactMASTER Turn & Mill spindle with length of 350 mm and torque of 122 Nm
  • Multi-tasking: Direct drive B-axis for 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex workpieces.
  • Outstanding flexibility due to X-axis travel distance of up to -125 mm beneath the centre of the spindle
  • CELOS with FANUC and CELOS with SIEMENS available
4-axis machining of complex workpieces with a diameter of up to 670 mm and 1,540 mm in length with the compactMASTER Turn & Mill spindle, including second workpiece carrier (lower revolver) with Y stroke of 80 mm.

With the experience from more than 1,000 installed NTX 2000 turning and milling centres, DMG MORI will present the NTX 2500 2nd Generation as a world first from the DMG MORI manufacturing plant in Iga at EMO 2017. With a footprint of just 16.3 m², the NTX 2500 2nd Generation combines its high process stability and flexibility with a generous work area (675 mm in the X-axis and +/- 150 mm in the Y-axis). The decisive core component is the B-axis with the company’s own compactMASTER spindle for demanding 5-axis cutting with up to 122 Nm. With 599 Nm including the optional counter-spindle, the main spindle extends the performance capability of the NTX 2500 2nd Generation in the field of 6-sided complete machining.

Turn & Mill machining centres are regarded as the premium class of modern cutting. The new NTX 2500 2nd Generation from DMG MORI is also evidence of this. The basis for this is the sturdy machine bed with stable roller guides. There is also a comprehensive range of cooling measures in the spindles and ball screw drives. This provides stable temperature conditions as the basic prerequisite for precision machining during continuous 5-axis deployment.

Another important criterion of the new development is the 350 mm compactMASTER spindle of the B-axis, which provides additional room in the work area as well as having excellent performance data. Like the Turn & Mill spindle, the second tool carrier in the form of a BMT revolver with powered tools also has a Y-axis (+/- 40 mm). The company’s own toolSTAR tool magazine with 38 stations, which can be extended to as many as 114 stations depending on customer requirements, ensures that set-up times are short.

The NTX 2500 2nd Generation goes along with the automation trend from two perspectives. Whereas the integrated tool measurement and tool breakage monitoring and the tool measurement in the work area ensure that the machining process is efficient, a selection of requirement-oriented handling systems looks after the loading and unloading of the workpieces, the variant with robots being just one example thereof.

As far as control is concerned, the NTX 2500 2nd Generation follows the “Path of Digitization”, on the basis of which DMG MORI promotes digitisation. The Turn&Mill machining centre of the NTX 2500 2nd Generation is equipped with the CELOS app-based control and user interface. On the one hand, CELOS makes continuous management, documentation and planning of orders possible in the planning department and the workshop. On the other hand, CELOS APPs such as “CONDITION ANALYZER” and “PERFORMANCE MONITOR” provide the user with detailed insights into the machining processes and the status of the machine as a basis for continuous improvement processes. CELOS also acts as an IoT interface to an ever-increasing extent, and therefore provides the basis for company-encompassing interaction in the production networks of the future.

The DMG MORI technology cycles are also available for the NTX 2500 2nd Generation. “Easy tool monitoring” makes it possible to monitor the spindle load and the axis feed. The technology cycles make it easy for operators to carry out sophisticated machining, set-up and measurement with universal machines and standard tools and holders. Special machines, programs and tools were previously required to do this.

Shigetsugu Sakai, the operating officer responsible for the DMG MORI Turning Center in Iga, summarises: “The NTX 2500 2nd Generation is an integrated turning and milling centre which has been developed with the aid of many years of DMG MORI experience. The comprehensive model series is the response to demand for an extremely diverse market. The compactMASTER is equipped with the shortest spindle in its class (350 mm), making it possible to machine a wide range of components and therefore increasing productivity.”

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