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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - World premiere: NHX 6300 2nd Generation

powerMASTER spindle with up to 1,413 Nm

The NHX 6300 2nd Generation impresses in horizontal machining with improved rigidity, high-performance powerMASTER spindles, shorter machining times thanks to its FANUC control and innovative chip removal.

  • Significantly increased machine rigidity, ideal for heavy-duty machining:
    • 462 cm³/min titanium (porcupine cutter ø 80 mm)
    • 12 mm cut depth in grey cast iron (EN-GJS-450, ø 160 mm cutter head, 120 mm cut width)
  • Optional powerMASTER spindle with 1,413 Nm or 16,000 rpm
  • SmartSCALE measuring system from MAGNESCALE, with 0.005 μm resolution in all linear axes in the standard version
Its powerMASTER spindles with torques up to 1,413 Nm or a speed of 16,000 rpm make the NHX 6300 2nd Generation the ideal solution for demanding milling applications in the automotive and general mechanical engineering sectors.

With experience gained from over 6,000 installed NH and NHX machines DMG MORI will be showcasing the world premiere of the NHX 6300 2nd Generation at the EMO. The horizontal machining centre has been further optimised and brought in line with rising market demands. The powerMASTER range of spindles, for example, and the improved rigidity of the NHX 6300 2nd Generation ensure unparalleled cutting performance and the precision required in demanding branches such as automotive and general mechanical engineering. Users achieve shorter machining times thanks to the new FANUC control, while chip removal and cleaning of the coolant enable reliable and continuous operation, even for high metal removal rates as is the case with cylinder heads and gear housings.

“With its enormous stability and high cutting performance the NHX 6300 2nd Generation excels in the machining of cast components”, says Mitsuru Taga, General Manager Horizontal Machining Center in Iga, about the world premiere from DMG MORI. The design of the machine bed and base has been given an even more stable construction than the predecessor model and roller guides have been installed for all axes. The horizontal machining centre achieves a rapid traverse of 60 m/min on travel paths of 1,050 x 900 x 1,030 mm (X/Y/Z). The NC rotary table is designed for pallets up to 630 x 630 mm, the workpiece height is 1,300 mm, and max. loading capacity up to 1,500 kg. The wheel magazine with space for 60 tools ensures high productivity and at the same time shorter setup times. Optional magazine solutions are designed for up to 330 tools. A setup station enables preparation of the next job parallel to primary machining. In addition the NHX 6300 2nd Generation can also be connected to a linear pallet pool (LPP). Up to eight machines can be linked with this system, offering space for maximum 99 pallets, which are directed to up to five setup stations.

powerMASTER for every application

Even in its standard version the NHX 6300 2nd Generation is equipped with a powerMASTER spindle with a speed of 12,000 rpm and 807 Nm torque. A powerMASTER spindle with up to 1,413 Nm is also available for demanding heavy-duty machining. A third version from the powerMASTER range with 16,000 rpm is geared towards customers who need higher speeds for even better surface finishes.

Just like the stability and powerful spindles, the direct measuring system from MAGNESCALE also contributes to the higher precision of the NHX 6300 2nd Generation. The same applies to the optional coolant temperature control with which DMG MORI achieves a high level of thermal stability.

Coolant cleaning in the standard version

As the fine chips produced in particular in the machining of cast parts give rise to a high volume of sludge, DMG MORI has combined chip removal with a cleaning system for the coolant. A filter collects the sludge while the chips are being removed. This is then led into the 1,200 l coolant tank where a nozzle agitates the fluid and filters out the impurities. Over 99 percent of the sludge is removed in this way, which reduces manual cleaning to a minimum, significantly reduces wear of the coolant pump and increases the useful life of the coolant and therefore also the service life of the tools.

FANUC control for shorter machining times

By using a FANUC control DMG MORI has managed to considerably reduce the throughput times of the NHX 6300 2nd Generation. This user-friendly control supports the user during setup, with creating programmes and by predicting potential programme errors. In addition, the CELOS app-based control and user interface enables consistent administration, documentation and visualisation of orders, processes and machine data.

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