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09/30/2015|LASERTEC & ULTRASONIC News 01.2015

LIVE at EMO 2015 - LASERTEC 65 3D - Additive Manufacturing of a small turbine casing made of stainless steel

At this year´s EMO 2015 (05.-10.10.) in Milan the new LASERTEC 65 3D will be one of the highlighted exhibited on the DMG MORI booth in hall 4 / D01. As a representative LIVE machining demo, the additive manufacture of a complete turbine casing made from stainless steel will be shown.

With a total additive build and machining time of only 6 hours, the cycle time for this part has been significantly reduced. In fact the build and machining time is less than the time just for machining a conventional part from a forging. Furthermore on the LASERTEC 65 3D, the part has been produced in the additive manufacturing in only one clamping set-up. Firstly the process starts with the laser build-up of the cylinder. Then the part gets swiveled to a 90° position in order to generate the peripheral flanges, as well as the bosses on the side of the casing. The LASERTEC 65 3D offers great opportunities for intermediate milling operations during the laser build-up process. The automatic exchange of both laser head and conventional tooling based on a standardised HSK interface, allows the flexible interchange between both technologies. This enables the direct finishing of workpiece features, that are no longer reachable on the finished part.