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09/18/2018|LASERTEC 75 Shape

State-of-the-art scanner technology with speeds up to 30 m/s

The latest version of the LASERTEC 75 Shape, with its new High-Speed Z-Shifter and 1,000 kHz Laser, reduces processing times by a factor of 3.

Geometrically defined surface structures, fine contours and filigree cavities can be produced with the LASERTEC Shape series in the very best quality and without any tool wear for the manufacture of injection moulds, pressing dies, labels and other engraving solutions, all the while guaranteeing maximum process reliability and reproducibility. DMG MORI will be presenting the latest generation of the successful LASERTEC 75 Shape as the highlight of the series at AMB. The new optional High-Speed Z-Shifter increases travel speed in the Z direction from the current 1.5 m/s to 6 m/s, while the laser achieves a pulse frequency of up to 1,000 kHz. This constitutes a further optimisation of the processing speed and enhanced texture quality. The result is a reduction in processing times by a factor of 3, which in turn enables lower costs per component.

The highly dynamic LASERTEC 75 Shape combines all the stability benefits offered by the tried-and-tested monoBLOCK design, along with the advantages of challenging 5-axis machining. With a footprint of just 7.9 m2, it is the most compact machine in its class. Travel paths of 750 × 650 × 560 mm (X/Y/Z) allow this machine to be used for a multitude of different applications. The maximum workpiece dimension is ø 840 x 520 mm in the 5-axis version with an NC swivel rotary table. The work area offers users optimum accessibility and guarantees a reduced risk of collision thanks to its large dimensions. The dynamics of the LASERTEC 75 Shape derive from DirectDrive technology and have now been further enhanced by the optionally available High-Speed Z-Shifter. In contrast to the Z-Shifter installed in the standard version with its a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s, the High-Speed Z-Shifter achieves up to 6 m/s in the Z direction. “Thanks to the increased feed rate there is no loss in quality during texturing even at such high speeds. A new texturing strategy provides an additional guarantee here”, says product manager Benjamin Krummenauer.


The high quality of surface texturing achieved by the LASERTEC 75 Shape is the result of state-of-the-art hardware and software components that enable cost-efficient machining of the highest level. A high-precision scanner with digital measuring system, integrated cooling and scan speeds up to 30 m/s round off the powerful hardware.

Where the control is concerned a 21.5” ERGOline multi-touch display provides optimum user comfort. The LASERTEC 75 Shape equipped with the intuitive and uniform user interface CELOS and a SIEMENS 840 D solutionline with LASERSOFT 3D software features. These simplify the creation of contours, lettering, logos and surface structures in 3D surfaces, cylinders or complex free-form surfaces. In other words the machine program and the optimum texturing strategy can be generated automatically from the 3D CAD data of the actual workpiece.

LASERTEC 75 Shape World Map